Ghost- Basic Instinct

October 15th, 2006

Taken from his well received debut album ‘Seldom Seen, Often Heard’ this is the next Ghost produced single to be released on Breakin Bread. Featuring the vocal talents of Abstract Rude from California and Natural Self, it’s an enjoyable few minutes, with a soft chilled beat and suitable vocals. The release is jammed with additional versions, featuring a remix by Natural Self and another by Ghost himself. There’s also an instrumental of the original as well as of one remix. ‘Round Trip’ has been thrown in for good message, a busy instrumental showcasing Ghost’s diverse skills on the boards.

2 Responses to “Ghost- Basic Instinct”

  1. Cezar Says:

    I think thr song on this vinyl is very amazing, and right now my favourite. Also, nice to see some modern hiphop that is actually….good. Pleased to see the seen is still being contributed to :)

  2. jimi handtrix Says:

    word to that, beautiful track.