Kashmere- In The Hour Of Chaos

October 14th, 2006

‘In The Hour Of Chaos’ is the debut solo album of UK hiphop heavyweight Kashmere, who’s previously released various tracks including an EP on Lowlife Records. This time the label is Receptor Records and the music is entertaining like previous efforts, but with a far greater sense of artistic development.

This is certainly stuff to stick your teeth right into, with production of the dark sort handled by the likes of Jehst, LG, DJ IQ, Beat Butcha and many more. Kashmere’s verses are consistently intriguing, showcasing his talents as far more creative and unique than many of his contemporaries.

Highlights include ‘Souls Of The Unborn’ featuring Jehst, a track with strong and simple drums beneath a Jazzy saxaphone. Verb T gets involved on the laid back ‘Opium Foetus’ whilst ‘Dead Gorillas On Broadway’ sees Kashmere drop a really enjoyable flow. ‘Lady Of The Lake’ is produced by relatively unknown beat maker Tranqill, and sounds fantastic.

This is a really solid chunk of material which puts Kashmere safely in the same categories as one would find the Kool Keith’s of this world. The density of the rapper’s heavy lyricism calls for many rewinds and is perfect for a full start to finish listen, but only when you’re in that introspective, moody vibe. There’s not much in the way of party or radio suited tunes, but more than enough for bedroom and headphone plays. This is in all good stores right about now.