Lloyd Banks– The Rotten Apple

October 12th, 2006

Lloyd Banks is back with his sophomore album “The Rotten Album”. After going platinum with “The Hunger For More”, fans and critiques alike expect nothing less from the G-Unit punchline man, especially since it’s been two years since Banks’ released an album. Keeping active on the mixtape circuit, with the G-Unit Radio releases, and featuring on other various projects, Lloyd Banks has kept fresh, and fans are curious to see if he can maintain the consistency and level that was shown on “The Hunger For More”.

After various leaks onto the Internet, the original tracklisting has been changed numerous times. For anybody who had the bootleg (“The Big Withdraw”), there was reason to get excited, with tracks such as “Turnin U Into A Customer” and “Get The F**k Up Now”. Neither made the final tracklisting, however replaced by tracks of a similar standard.

The album starts with the album-titled track “Rotten Apple” featuring G-Unit frontman 50 Cent, and Mobb Deep member Prodigy. Banks’ typically addictive flow and excellent rhyming outshine both the other artists, and make a great introduction to the new album. The album continues with tracks such as “Survival” and “Playboy 2”, both tracks sounding similar, but Banks’ lyrics give each song that unique feel.

50 Cent features on two other tracks, un-coincidently the singles for the new album which are “Cake” and “Hands Up”. 50 providing the vocals for the hook and featuring on both verses are the ingredients for a typical G-Unit sound, and show the solidarity in the Aftermath camp. Neither track compares to the likes of “On Fire”, which was Banks’ debut single on “The Hunger For More”, which questions the rappers’ ability to choose, and release a single which has the radio waves crazy, which has been previously created.

“The Rotten Apple” does have an impressive list of features, which include the likes of Rakim, Scarface, Mobb Deep, 50 Cent and G-Unit members Young Buck and Tony Yayo. “You Know The Deal” (which features Rakim) was a disappointment to say the least, which could have potentially been a great track. “Iceman” (which features Young Buck, Scarface, and 8-Ball), is another under-performing track, which doesnt justify the tallents of any of the featuring rappers.

A big talking point over the past year was the Mobb’s signing to G-Unit records. Ever since, fans and critiques have been studying the lyrics and quality of the group, and in most cases have noticed a significant decrease. “Get Clapped”, is another throw-away track on the album, which features the Mobb, and clarify’s why their decision to sign to the G-Unit roster was a bad one, refering to the excitement and quality of lyrics. To describe the track, a word i have used various times in this review, disappointing.

An under-par album from Lloyd Banks has reached the shelves of the major retail chains, which will sell like “The Hunger For More”, even though it’s half the album that Banks can produce. An absence of Eminem might be the reason? Or the fact that Banks simply doesnt have “The Hunger For More”. Either way, the marketting and hype doesnt equal the overall quality, however the album will definitely sell due to the large fanbase that Lloyd Banks created on his first album. Disappointing.

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