London Street Art

September 17th, 2006

Following on from their great book ‘Graffiti NYC’, the publishers of Prestel demonstrate with ‘London Street Art’ that they’ve really got graffiti publications on lock. This is another great collection of images, in a nicely sized hardback format, showcasing many types of street art on a variety of surfaces throughout many locations of the UK capital.

There’s typical and very familiar Banksy snaps mixed in with many of his admirers takes on what he does so well. There’s also altered street signs, stickers, monkey’d up shop shutters and much more. If you’re a diehard graff head, you’ll certainly like this, a release which would equally suit the avid fan, anyone with a coffee table, or someone buying a present for a hiphop head. Photographer Alex MacNaughton has really captured the vast visual goodness that London has to offer. It’s out now in all good stores.