HKB Finn- Spoken Herbs

September 5th, 2006

‘Spoken Herbs’ is another well produced and very artistic effort by the UK hiphop legend that is HKB Finn. The album’s packed with an array of sounds, from atmospheric spoken word numbers to guitar based tracks and loud drum orientated efforts. There’s all sorts of flavours, from the chilled and moody to energetic and powerful, a testament to the artist’s musical ability and versatility.

The key to the release being good, is that through all this, there’s a strong balance from track to track, with nothing seeming out of place. With an on point essay by Alex Hanson in the sleeve as well as the inclusion of a Katch 22 CD, ‘Non Conformist Rituals’, this is certainly an enticing buy for any dedicated UK hiphop follower. Out on both Itunes and CD by early October, it’s a fine example of the past more than successfully developing into the future.