SOS- All Eyes On South

September 5th, 2006

Sons Of South are a six member crew from the south of the UK and have previously supported the likes of Phi-Life Cypher and Tommy Evans on stage. This is their first release, a mix CD, comprising of 22 tracks, and features guest appearances by Joe Gutta, V.E.X, Jack Flash and many more. Whilst the track listing is quite long and a bit too much to digest in the case of a debut product, each of the four rappers in the group evidently have enough intelligence to pen interesting lyrics and enough ability to create a solid vocal. There’s a nice variety of beats which all show good production skills. The scratching from beginning to end is also pretty sharp. If you fancy some traditional UK hiphop that offers a nice mix of different energies, this is likely fulfil your hopes.

7 Responses to “SOS- All Eyes On South”

  1. Sons Of South Says:

    Available from

  2. D Says:

    Listened to this release and gotta say it’s awesome, can’t wait to hear more from SOS!


  3. Kris T Says:

    I agree – that cd for a mixtape release is heavy- those guys have got some serious talent- can someone let me know if they have any releases (viny) coming out
    peace … k t

  4. Gadget Smith Says:

    From what I’ve heard so far these guys are doing some real good stuff and their work ethic is light years away from a half-stepper. Looking forward to hearing this new S.O.S. project.

  5. Louisunseen Says:

    These boys are gonna be big, Verbal Remedy, Blaze and Nature have all got there own mixtapes coming soon, watch this space !

  6. DJoe Says:

    SOS ur sick!

  7. melissa Says:

    hahaha i didnt even hear u but cool im frum canada hehe my gramars bad :P:P:P:P rock on