Surreal & DJ Balance- Future Classic

September 5th, 2006

Out on the forever professional ‘Hiphop Is Music’ US label which always deliver a nice package with great artwork, comes a collection of fourteen tracks with a typically underground and most of the time quite old skool sound. The title’s quite pretentious and ultimately isn’t true, but all the songs are of a high quality with strong production values and well developed, confident vocals. The much done US underground thing just isn’t fresh enough to the ears of younger audiences who are likely to find it very old hat and dull, but if you’re an older hiphop veteran, this is likely to be well down your street and will compliment your nostalgia well.

3 Responses to “Surreal & DJ Balance- Future Classic”

  1. Strong Hold Says:

    This record is well wicked From start to finish no filler, Hip hop music the way it should be done.

  2. The live scientist Says:

    I thoroughly ejoyed this record, not sure what homeboy is talking about in this review. The record has that classic feel and really is break from the normal formula fo what you might here.

    Buy the record it will be good for you collection

  3. Abjekt Says:

    Yeah I’m loving this album, the production is fresh as hell and Surreal’s vocals are dope too. Lovely stuff.