Doc Brown- Citizen Smith Vol 2: Nothing To Lose

September 3rd, 2006

Doc Brown must be one of the most consistent UK hiphop artists the scene’s ever heard. With volume one of the ‘Citizen Smith’ mix CD series and his heavy debut album ‘The Document’, the London artist provided a clear example of his wide variety of flows and ability to deliver a big range of topics on record. ‘Nothing To Lose’, the second volume of the mix CD, is more of the same. There’s a diverse mixture of production efforts and Doc’s rhyming ability provides many a delivery style with ease.

‘What Else Can We Do?’ features Luc Skyz and is a thoughtful track exploring the issues of teen violence and mass media’s portrayal of young people. The strings based title track is certain to get the neck snapping back and forth as Doc drops pacey verses over a great sample. ‘Smash That’ hears Nutty P sampling Oliver Twist and providing one of the finest examples of his mic skills to date, whilst the Mr Thing produced ‘Wake Up!’ provides a soulful gem of light keys and vivid storytelling.

Later on in the album there’s treats in the form of Lowkey, Mr Ti2bs, Yungun and Stylah guest spots, whilst there’s also some live inclusions of radio appearances. ‘To My Health’ produced by Poisonous Poets producer DJ Snips is drenched in great pitched up soul samples and the concluding ‘Gone’ more than suitably ends another great collection of tracks showcasing quality control on the production values and constant dedication behind the pen and microphone.

Whilst all of Brown’s previous efforts have been greatly entertaining, it seems that the artist has more fun on the mix CD outings and that due to the less formal format, he’s allowed more room for himself to simply go with the flow, as opposed to meticulously planning every second with immense precision, which ‘The Document’ seemed to have undergone. If you’re a previous fan of Doc’s work, you’re certain to like this a great deal, whilst any new fan hearing Doc from the first time is certainly to be impressed. Out early October on Hiptones / Poisonous Productions, this is by far one of the best releases from the traditional UK hiphop scene this year.

One Response to “Doc Brown- Citizen Smith Vol 2: Nothing To Lose”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    I think the Doc is brilliant, but then I should know. I am his mother. Hope I don’t loose him any fans or credibility.