Kam- Kam Meets Rockwell

September 2nd, 2006

First up, some background information. The man they call Kam is from London, previously worked at the much missed Mr. Bongo’s record store and now resides at the forever heavy UK label Lowlife Records. Rockwell on the other hand, is based in Amsterdam and has had his artwork slapped on many a London Underground surface and worldwide ad campaign. As the title suggests, the two come together on this sixty minute mix CD of a straight to the point collection of varied and consistently entertaining styles and sounds.

There’s tracks full of bongo’s, old skool soul vocals, some futuristic madness and lots more that prove simply too diverse for this reviewer to get all detailed about. If you have even the slightest interest in your diggers and turntablists, this isn’t just down your street, but it’s one hell of a road block that you’d be a very poor driver to miss. It’s out now on Net Groove and with funky as hell CD artwork, should be easy to find on the most foggy of days.