Kids In Tracksuits- New Kids Rock The Block

August 6th, 2006

It’s not often you hear music by an artist or group and really wish you had found out about them sooner. That’s the case on a listen of this extremely impressive eight track release on Dealmaker Records. Kids In Tracksuits of Nottingham have really come up with the goods, creating some very enjoyable instrumental hiphop that provides a wide array of different but equally as interesting sounds.

Suerly set to blow up in the UK and get some serious recognition across shore, it’s safe to say the UK now has its own serious contenders for the pocket of hiphop that homes the likes of DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist. Whilst many try and fail, and DJ Format continues his disappearance act after his awfully boring second album, Kids In Tracksuits really hold it down, creating sometimes moody, other times light hearted and at all times high quality gems.