Undecorated Veteranz- Music To Make You Stagger

August 6th, 2006

Undecorated Veteranz is the combined efforts of Optimas Prime producer Stagga and vocalists 4Dee and Joe Blow, and whilst the production of this debut EP is very promising, packed with many a funky moment, you won’t be staggered by what you’ve heard at the end of the last track. The rapping is solid, but far from special, and the lyrical content is somewhat dull. It’s a real shame, as there really is some great moments in terms of beats. There’s a mixture of light and simple sounds alongside tracks of a more atmospheric nature. Here’s hoping there’s more focus on instrumentals next time round, or the vocal quality is increased a gear. It’s out on Dial Up Records now.

One Response to “Undecorated Veteranz- Music To Make You Stagger”

  1. mtbmatty Says:

    i thought it was a good e.p music too make you stagger is a heavy tune,

    keep the faith cardiff hip hop