August 16th, 2006


This Australian rapper has just released an album with Mark B, one of the UK’s most successful hiphop producers. We asked him about the album, touring, his country’s scene and tons more.

First up, please introduce yourself to the readers.

My name is Delta… Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia.

How would you describe your rapping?

I rap from the heart. I tell the truth and I try to keep it funky.

What’s your local hiphop scene like?

I am from Adelaide and my local ‘scene’ is going strong. ADL has always been known for producing a lot of hiphop artists and talented writers. We love the culture down here and we push ourselves to move forward.

Is hiphop in Australia an underground thing or does the mainstream embrace it?

A bit of both. Artists are still struggling to educate the mainstream about what ‘real’ hiphop is all about. That said though, you will hear tracks by myself or other hiphop artists on national radio, which can only be a good thing.

UK’s bigger artists seem to be touring Oz nowadays. How well known is the UK hiphop scene?

Australians love UK hiphop. They love all hiphop, as long as it displays integrity. Your average head would listen to Skinnyman, TaskForce, Terra Firma, Jehst, Roots Manuva, Mark B & Blade, GutterSnypes, Hijack and others. Hiphop heads in Australia will dig deep to find the good stuff, old and new.

Some say UK rap’s quite grey because mc’s talk about their negative environment. What’s a good generalisation for OZ rap?

I don’t really like to make generalisations but I will say this; We live in a rather negative world, and music usually reflects the nature of an individual’s environment.

How did you come across Mark B beats and how did you guys hook up for the new album?

I met Mark when I was in London in 1999, recording freestyles for a Mr Thing / Killa Kela mixtape at Vadim’s studio. I had already heard of Mark B through my crate digging exploits, and was naturally amped about sharing knowledge on records and beat making. After years of building a strong friendship, we decided to do an album together. The rest is history.

Did you guys work on the project in the same place or was there a lot of telecommunicaions involved?

The majority of the album was recorded at K Boro studio in the UK. I stayed with Mark for about 3 months, actively recording and co producing the whole time. We worked day and night in order to get this project sounding right. The telecommunications involved came maybe with Mojo.. and the recording of the Oz posse cut. The Murs track was recorded back home when Murs was staying with me… so I guess the recording was done in the company of my collaborators!

What was it that attracted you to Mark’s beats? Did you listen then write or the other way round?

I like beats that make me want to rap when I hear them. Mark’s beats were always raw, sample driven bangers. Ever since I heard ‘Chat Bout’ I was sold. With the tracks on the album, I would hear the beat… in the case of ‘Mayday’, and ‘Heat Haze’. ‘One Less Gun’, ‘Lostralian’, and ‘The End Is Here’ I co-produced, so I already had a feeling for the beats. I always write my rap to a beat, because I think the end result has a lot more feeling.

Taking it back, what projects have you been involved in prior to the new album?

Over the years I have released solo material on compilations, both in Australia (‘Culture of Kings’ Vol 2 & 3) and New York (‘Angels and Insects’). I also released my vinyl EP entitled ‘Paperweight’ and collaborated with such artists as Atoms Family, Cannibal Ox, Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, MURS, Dujeous and others.

What are some of your biggest influences?

As far as emcee’s go, I am a fan of all the classic heads. Rakim, G Rap, Kane, Organized, Nas, Finesse, Big L, King Tee. There are too many to list.

Have you got plans to come over and tour?

Would love to. Any interested promoters should get at me.

What goes down at a typical Delta performance?

My typical performance is geared around that classic hiphop formula. A good DJ backing me up (out here in Oz I work with 3x Australian DMC Champion StaenOne) and I seem to be very well known for my freestyles so I feel that a show just isn’t complete if I don’t drop one off the head for the crowd. More than anything, I am to do one thing when I perform… give the crowd their money’s worth.

What other genres of music are you interested in?

I love all quality music with integrity. Old Jazz, Funk, Progressive Rock, Soul, Blues, Punk, Hardcore, Electro. All sorts. As far as my own music goes, I’m pretty much on my straight up hiphop journey at present, but who knows what the future holds?

Where can heads check up on you online?

Have you got any shout out’s or messages for the UK audience to round this up on?

To those that I trusted, thanks for the journey thus far… Nuff said.

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  1. Jolz Says:

    Big Up Delta,
    Holdin it down for AUS
    much respect

  2. sheriff rosco Says:


    word up Jolz.

    UK headz buy this!