Neckle Camp- Straight Necklin’

July 30th, 2006

By far one of the most professionally produced and entertaining releases from the UK grime scene this year, ‘Straight Necklin’ is tightly packed with big track after track, containing many really impressive beats and vocal takes of a wide variety.

From the high energy of early tracks ‘Representing’ and ‘Cos We’re Neckle’ to the big guest features of Slewdem, Roll Deep, Newham Generals and many others, there’s not much more a grime head could really ask for.

‘Ghost Town’ featuring Dan Man is a really nice production by Quest which Jammer and co. drop really tight verses over. ‘Countdown’ is rammed with guest spots and provides a quirky take on the TV show’s theme tune. ‘Serious Times’ concludes the release with one of its most memorable moments. Jammer rhymes over his incredible beat to create a really moving and lasting moment which demonstrates the extent to which he is a force to be reckoned with on the UK underground scene.

As great as all the Jammer moments are, it’s nice to see his crew and affiliates holding their own too, as opposed to just making up numbers and getting in on the action. It’s also admirable that there’s a mixture of the straight up aggressive tracks and the more reflective, mature efforts. The laid back story telling of the Sade sampling ‘Jazebel’ fits in well amongst a diverse track listing that includes busy and energetic numbers such as ‘Put The Work In’.

It’s hard to see anything topping this for album of the year so it’s certainly not one to be ignored. If you haven’t already got it, just what are you waiting for? Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Maths and English’?