Tommy Evans- The Turbulant Times of Tommy Evans

March 11th, 2004

If you’re familiar with Tommy Evans it’s almost certain that you’ve heard the opening track of this thirteen song CD that compiles his most popular 12â€? tracks with a few new gems as a prelude to the full-length debut album released sometime later this year. ‘Ophelia’ is a fine example of the YNR productions artist who comes time and time again on this product with original concepts effortlessly dropped over quality beats. Highlights include ‘The Wasteland’ inspired by the awesome poem of the same name by T.S Elliot, ‘Who Am I?’ an upbeat party jam and ‘Insomniac’ the tale of one man and his eyelids. Even the artwork is on point, giving the lucky souls that own this release one of the greatest album sleeves in UK hip-hop history. Big things are coming for Mr. Evans and he’s sure to share his shine with label mate Jehst (not that he needs it) and long time collaborator Evil Ed who contribute here to ‘Water Torture’ and ‘Beef With Chiefs’. If there’s one bad thing to be said about this, it’s that fans have heard most of this stuff before and now have to hungrily wait for the album which by going on this, seems certain to be a very substantial contribution to a scene all to often comprised of little character and personality.