Mikey T- The Genuine Article

June 24th, 2006

This nice little EP begins with ‘Trials and Tribulations’. Mikey T’s vocal style and flow instantly lays down a distinguisable sound and his lyrics are on point, rolling through lines you’d expect from a song of such title. The beat by DJ Dixie’s piano based with a nice loud snare. It’s strong head nodding music and somehow has a vintage feel to it. ‘Scattered Thoughts’ is of an equally nice quality, this time with a guitar based loop and heart felt lyrics. ‘For The Heads’ concludes the release with an Awekid production of bouncy sounds and tightly programmed drums. This time the energy’s a little higher and we’re offered another, less introspective example of Mikey T’s ability. For an early release, this is heavy stuff and well worth a listen.

2 Responses to “Mikey T- The Genuine Article”

  1. WordSpec Says:

    Yeh man I heard that Scattered Thoughts win the Radio 1 Extra Homegrown thing with Ras Kwame last year. The verses sounded heavy so I tracked it down (which wasn’t easy on CD) but yeh the whole release is tighter than a constipated ducks arse. I’d recommend to anyone. The boys got skills.

  2. Gus Says:

    I heard the “scattered thoughts” track on a climbing vid the other day, really inspiring, great song with some strange uniqueness to it. defenetly some gourmet s**t