Awekid- Error Tape

June 24th, 2006

‘Error Tape’ is a limited edition promotional CD by Ejectorseat Records DJ Awekid and features a range of guest spots including Mikey T, Stylah, Shameless and Wandan. It’s a tight mix of tunes beginning with a really old skool feel in ‘Transmission’ by the impressive Mikey T and Tigerstyle. Other notable tracks are the nice remix of Jehst’s ‘Return Of The Drifter’ and the stripped down remix of Roots Manuva’s ‘Juggle Tings Proper’. ‘Misplaced Trust’ by Poisonous Poets member Stylah showcases the rapper’s increasingly impressive skills and ‘Back To The Grindstone’ hears the big character of Shameless sounding energetic and very expressive. It’s a professional package by Ejectorseat Records who seem to be stepping up their game this year, and Awekid’s mixing and scratching is on point.

3 Responses to “Awekid- Error Tape”

  1. Uno Eye Says:

    Quite simply the heaviest mixtape I’ve heard in a long long time. These days there are more mixtapes around than DJ’s but this one I guarantee is like nothing you ever have or ever will hear. Lost Souljah over a remixed Murda beat with a little bit of Jehst over the top? Seriously now.

  2. Monk Man Says:

    that’s wild flower not Lost Souljah

  3. Uno Eye Says:

    You are correct Monk Man. My bad.