David Cameron attacks Rap

June 23rd, 2006

Yet again an out of touch politician has used hiphop culture and rap music as the reason for violent crime. The Tory leader has criticised Radio One and the station’s DJ Tim Westwood, citing that some of the material played encourages kids to pick up guns and knives.

Granted 50 Cent boasting about the numerous bullets he’s taken and other members of the international hiphop scene constantly acting aggressive isn’t exactly providing a positive role model for young children, but neither is the content and artists within many other genres and different forms of entertainment.

When was the last time that a member of parliament came out criticising the satanic content of Goth music, or the gore of a typical Hollywood blockbuster? There wasn’t a last time, because hiphop culture and rap music is always the scapegoat. Like all people in the hiphop community, grime artist Lethal Bizzle wasn’t best pleased with Cameron’s claims. Here’s what the V2 artist had to say:

“Open your eyes to UK society. By making comments like this you’re taking yourself further from the young British society. I’m a young black British music artist and I’m the voice for the streets. You should be working with us, instead of laying the blame on us.

A lot of what I do is on a positive tip for the community but that all gets ignored. I’ve signed 14 young rappers from East London to my own label. That’s taken them off the streets and given them something positive to look forward to. They’re working on their own mixtapes and I’m providing them an opportunity to make a living out music. They’re not involved in gun / knife violence and have a goal in their life to work towards. How can you say that this type of music is a negative thing?”

No doubt miles upon miles of broadsheet newspapers will now be analysing the hiphop scene and making out of touch inaccuracies about a genre and way of life that they know nothing about, and surely many more hiphop artists and people within the rap world will be voicing their objections to the generalisations and misinformed comments made. What would be the best idea is for the hiphop community to merely ignore the topic at hand. It’s one that will go away shortly, but will be back soon, like it always has been whenever a grey suit has needed something to get into print, or there’s been a slow day at the news rooms.

2 Responses to “David Cameron attacks Rap”

  1. mtbmatty Says:

    too me this is a joke what about them metal heads not that im trying too create a them an us but ozzy osbourne ate a fuking bat, not a basebat a real life fluffy fuker they cant generalize about a whole genre of music, he better organise banning films aswell then cos they promote violence and also lets not forget that while some rapp may or may not glorify violence, their war on terror is deffinatly glorification of weapons, double standards this fuker voted for the war in iraq which meant blatent killing but you better ban rapp incase a few passing refrences too firearms of kinves are mentioned

    sarcasm mode off

  2. g-ice Says:

    Lets create piece of mind…. stop generalising and make a difference rap music is one genre not the cause for bad behaviour!