Nine High- Take 2

June 19th, 2006

This is how mix CD’s should be done. There’s character, consistency, energy and lots more. Firmly establishing the exciting Nine High crew, you’d be very smart in picking this up. There’s lots to digest, meaning great playback value, and there’s a real sense of bigger things to come for all those involved. What’s also impressive is the lack of high profile guests. Nine High have done it all themselves without any affiliated names to draw heads in. Felony, Scotty and Fraksha hold their own over a variety of different tracks, from the borrowed beats of DJ Premier, Baby J and many more. There’s lots of tight storytelling scattered across the track listing as well as straight forward battle talk. Buy this, catch them at some shows and cross your fingers that they make an album.

One Response to “Nine High- Take 2”

  1. tony Says:

    aite man i just done one of my traks at a concert kinda thing and i won and ma mate nick trim told me to check this out hit me back yea