Rapnews Podcast 2

June 16th, 2006

Rapnews Podcasts

Following on from our heavy and popular debut podcast, Doc Jnr and Reality? provide another sick bunch of tracks, many exclusives, in the second of our Rapnews Podcast series. Enjoy!

Our second podcast features a very tight selection of tracks, many of which haven’t ever been heard before!

As before, there’s quite a broad range in vibes, from the classic hiphop sounds of Verb T and Harry Love to the high energy number by Dynamite MC. Superstar in the making Example has kindly shared a new cut, as has Chucky C and many more. Everything was kindly mixed by Doc Jnr of Bomb Squad who produced the interludes with Meka Sonic. Reality? of Mud Fam/Zulu Nation took hold of the mic for hosting duties.

the podcast directly to your computer or subscribe to it through podcast software such as Itunes or Juice to automatically get future shows downloaded directly to your desktop. Any new videos and tracks added to Rapnews are also be included in the subscription’s feed.

Tracklisting and info:

Verb T & Harry Love – Get Dis Happenin’
Brother Man – Heart Of Dem
Example – Who Gives A Fuck?
Humarak D Gritty – Big Plans
Chucky C – Roadrunner
Yungun & Mr Thing – Just Like Us
Dynamite MC – Bring It On
Blind Alphabets – Str8 Vibing

Huge thanks to Reality?, Doc Jnr and all the artists/labels for the dope track contributions. If you’d like to be involved in a future podcast in any way, shape or form, just drop an e-mail and we’ll get on it. If you were in a coma last time round, here’s the debut show. Until next time kids, stay in skool.

5 Responses to “Rapnews Podcast 2”

  1. Rhyz Says:

    Props on the second pod-cast, keep them coming….feeling the Humurak and Chucky C tracks…I look forward to to the next one…

  2. Qube Says:

    second the props.. Yeah feeling this UK Hip Hop..

    fav track is
    Example – Who Gives A Fuck?

  3. NaYprimEZ Says:

    watsup, i have been trying to get in touch wiv reality?, i was the opening MC at the hooligan gang gig at adelphi, you gave me a cd man, just trying to find out how to get in touch with you about them open mic nights because your site still int running.
    get in touch if you can at my e-mail

  4. Reality? Says:

    NaYprimEZ – The new realbeats website is a work in progress – sorry for delay – so busy … email me @ info@realbeats.com cos your email didnt come up here… and I’ll keep you up to date on open mic nights in the area… could to see you checked out the casts etc. and thanks for trying to get intouch.

    Tee – if NaYprimEZ emkail shows up for you can you email me it … and I’ll catch up with you soon about the next podcast… glad people are feeling them its a nice new format.



  5. Blu Bludd Says:

    Can’t wait for Realbeats to get back set up and get some nights going in Hull again…missing me fix big time