Jehst Presents Underworld Epics

June 3rd, 2006

Underworld EpicsHere’s what we’ll be calling one of the best albums of the year as December hits and we look back. Out on Low Life Records, this really smartly packaged album delivers like nothing else in recent times. It’s been a long wait, but Jehst’s production project has been worth it.

Every single track is a must, with not one blip of quality on the track listings. There’s mad variety on the beats, and the vocalists sound really distinguishable, providing lots of variety.

‘Dunya’ by Micall Parknsun has a intense beat. With its heavy head nodding drums, tight vocals and great asian sample, it warrents many listens before you’re ready for track two, a nice remix of ‘Soldiers 4 Life’ by Universal Soldiers. The laid back Verb T drops smart words over the quite simplistic yet very effective ‘Tempa Tempa’ whilst Asaviour is joined by Kyza and Yungun for a loud and serious remix of the now classic ‘Money In The Bank’.

Kashmere soaks the atmospheric sounds of ‘Say Word!’ with his ever impressive, personality driven rhyming style. His crazy subject matter really suits the dark vibes that Jehst lays down and the track’s a further appetiser for a Kashmere LP. ‘If You Were Me’ by Asaviour is another mood setter with its arty jazz lean whilst ‘The Future’ by Rodney P is reworked solidly.

Jehst’s fellow Champion Of Nature, Supa T, handles vocals on the ‘Grizzly’ remix, a track of really nice bass but a slightly repetitive loop. ‘Listen’ by Sir Smurf Little is an extremely impressive number and easily the album highlight. Everything about it is right, from Smurf’s great voice and flow to the fantastic sample choice. The ‘Watching’ remix featuring Klashnekoff and Kyza is a reminder of Terra Firma’s skill whilst final track ‘Right Now’ is another demonstration of why Kyza will soon be crowned UK king.

Jehst’s production is incredibly consistent in quality but also really varied, providing a great range of vibes that suit each specific artist perfectly. As respectable as his previous productions has been, it’s this which provides damming confirmation that he’s one of the best beat makers the UK scene has right now. His skills on the boards have surpassed those on his mic which is saying something. Grab this now. It’s more than your money’s worth.

1. Dunya (My World) – Micall Parknsun
2. Universal Soldiers – Soldier 4 Life (Remix)
3. Verb T – Tempa Tempa
4. Asaviour Feat. Kyza & Yungun – Money In The Bank (Remix)
5. Kashmere – Say Word!
6. Asaviour – If You Were Me
7. Rodney P – The Future (Remix)
8. The Sundragon – Grizzly (Remix)
9. Sir Smurf Lil’ – Listen
10. The Sundragon Feat. Klashnekoff & Kyza – Watching (Remix)
11. Kyza – Right Now

Release Date: 26th June
Cat. No: LOW42CD/LP

4 Responses to “Jehst Presents Underworld Epics”

  1. Joe Says:

    Takes UK hip hop to a new pantheon. With production like this added to the wealth of vocal talent, UK hip hop is ready for take off!

  2. Mike Says:

    Ain’t no denying the talent on this album!! Never mind take off, it’s flying high and it’s not calmin down. UK hip-hop’s gotta be taken serious with music like this.

  3. Dan Says:

    jehst production is as dull as his voice on track . get off lowlife’s dick you fags. thers better hip hop in the uk than this ! this is just a dull offering . under average producer with ok mc’s .

  4. vaughn Says:

    this has some sick tracks, not jehst’s best but pretty fucking dope. Dan last time i checked theses were the best uk hip hopers, and jehst can produce some tight tracks get the keep it live vinyl by billy brimstone DOPE!