Mark B & Delta- The Greater Good/One Less Gun

April 30th, 2006

Taken from the forthcoming ‘Mark B Presents Delta; The Greater Good’ album, is the strong lead single of the title track, featuring Mojo. The production of ‘The Greater Good’ is really light and warm with a very chilled atmosphere of simple drums and soulful loops. The Australian rapper’s verses are all heavy, of a quite mature lean and the sung hook adds a strong feel good factor that compliments the beat and lyrics well. The second track ‘One Less Gun’ features Skinnyman and is a slightly heavier number. Atmospheric keys, a solid and traditional set of drums and some nice bass make up the loop and there’s a nice suitable sample. Both Delta and Skinny’s verses are heavy, dropping science about gun crime and violence. The single includes a radio, full length and instrumental version of both tracks and is a great taster of what’s to come on the album, which will surely be very good stuff. It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to hear more than the odd Mark B beat here and there, but it sounds like his time has been very productive.