Rapnews Debut Podcast

April 30th, 2006

Rapnews Podcasts

It took a while but we got there in the end. Introducing the first ever Rapnews.co.uk podcast mixed by Doc Jnr and hosted by Reality? and featuring tons of heavy tunes. Check it out now!

Our first podcast features a tight selection of tracks from some up and coming UK artists alongside some more established names.

There’s also quite a broad range in vibes of the songs, from the old skool tribute of Pedigree Chumps and party flavoured Conspicuous joint, to the deep Reality? number and reflective effort by Eighteen18. Everything was kindly mixed by Doc Jnr of Bomb Squad who produced the interludes with Meka Sonic. Reality? of Mud Fam/Zulu Nation took hold of the mic for hosting duties.

the podcast directly to your computer or subscribe to it through podcast software such as Itunes or Juice to automatically get future shows downloaded directly to your desktop. Any new videos and tracks added to Rapnews will also be included in the subscription.

Tracklisting and info:

Baron Samedi feat. Redmaster- Ripping Yarns
Nomadic Poet- Concrete Man (Lewis Parker remix)
Pedigree Chumps- Old Skool Fools
Neutronixx feat. Clarity- Epic Proportions
Reality? feat. Hannah W- I Am The Truth
Jehst & Kashmere- Souls Of The Unborn (From ‘Character Assassins’)
Conspicous The Coroner- Your Girlies Arse
Sir Smurf Little- Nightmare On Any Street
Willow Wispa- I Wanna
Dubbledge & Suicyde- My Dreams
Eighteen18- Body Armour

Big thanks to Reality?, Doc Jnr and all the artists/labels for the dope track contributions. If you’d like to be involved in a future podcast in any way, shape or form, just drop an e-mail and we’ll get on it. Until next time kids, stay in skool.

5 Responses to “Rapnews Debut Podcast”

  1. Yo Mumma! Says:

    why’s my shit not on there yo!

  2. Insignia Says:

    Lovin the ‘cast. Doc’s the man ;)

    I say “Bomb”, you say…

  3. Jc Says:

    Loving the mix and the sytle of the cast man!

    Doc Jnr and Reality? Outstanding.

  4. Tim Hunt Says:

    Diggin the website man

  5. Tim Says:

    RSS doesn’t seem to work on itunes? I hope it works soon I wanna check this out!