Willo Wispa

April 24th, 2006


Check out a quick Q&A we did with the last member of The Colony to be interviewed on Rapnews, to talk about who he is and what he’s got planned.

First up, how did your rapping name come about?

That actually is my real name.

Where are you from?

I was born in Ladbrooke Grove ‘till I was 10, then moved to Ilford which is more greater london. When I first moved there it was more out there but now London expanded. Really, I rep every stop on the great eastern train line from Stratford to Romford and back. Ilford has a lot of yout’s coming up who’s got talent.

How’d you describe your rapping ability?

Intelligent, dumb, entertaining, good, Willo!

Once you’ve done a Jay Z and ‘retired’, what achievements would you have to think back to so you could feel you’ve succeeded?

Boy, if you still got a head wid a brain in it, your piece, two balls, arm, legs, family friends, maybe a roof over your head, dat’s a big acheivement you know… It is, but obviously the song dat makes people finally realise dis bre’s amazin’.

Would you agree that lack of ambition and small horizons are what’s holding the UK scene back from progressing or blowing up?

Look out for Cobane and Bobby Banner. Ummm, could you repeat the question?

How did you link with the other guys in The Colony?

I wanted a multiracial crew dat could sell out, so I held an audition for 40 days and 40 nights till it was just us four. I’m thinkin’ ‘bout throwin’ Grim’ out. I don’t know.

It looks like everyone will have a solo project out before a full Colony album. Is this the plan so that the debut LP will be stronger?



What solo material have you been working on and when will a release hit the other shelves?

It’s called ‘What’s Willo on?’ It’s the tracks I aint released yet. It’s the begining.

How did you hook up with Associated Minds and how much of an advantage is it being around such fresh mc’s as Mudmowth and Ruffstylz?

I saved Ruffstylz from being hit by a plane once. So AM offered to release a classic for me. Haha.

What producers have you been working with and who’s beats would you like the chance of jumping on?

Many. There’s a Quincy Jones/Willo collabo’ in da pipe. John Barnes line, A h Fly, Nutty P , Buffy The Body, Christina Millian, Al Green producers. I wanna be in some films. Get dat telly money, you know? Anyone making any good films, get at.

Who are some of your favourite UK rappers at the moment and which of these would you most dig collaborating with?

Many. All the good ones.

How’s your freestyling skills and what other elements of hiphop have you messed with over the years?

I could work at Oxford as a freestyle teacher blud. I workin’ on a new style of rhymin’ where you don’t speak at all, but dat’s later on. You mans aint ready.

Do you get the chance to perform live much and what could we expect from a typical Willo The Wisp gig?

Willo on stage rappin’, some bitches in the audience havin’ heart attacks and some music playin’. Showmanship.

Hiphop aside, what tastes in music and other interests do you have and how does this influence your rap material?

I like hunting. Kill my prey, then I cook it and burn a zoot after while watchinh telly. Ha ha. I feel what Ronaldinho’s on right now. He’s got skills.

It feels like a turning point right now for the music scene in terms of online sales creating number one hits. Are you into this mp3 generation?

On Monday yes, but on Thursday no.

Is there anything you wanna plug or anybody you’d like to give a shout out to round this up on?

Everyone I know. I wanna plug my bath and sink and wash my armpit. For real though, look out for Willo. Your gonna hear more and more from me. I gonna make dis shit interesting! Thanks for your time.

Check out Willow’s Myspace page to hear some tracks now!

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    hahahah jokes interview, big up Willow… sick MC