Butta Verses- It Goes (Round And Round)

April 14th, 2006

Butta Verses grew up in the Bronx and now calls Florida home. He’s signed to Beat Mountain Entertainment which is run by De La Soul artist Maseo, and has been compared to none other than Ghostface Killah by De La Soul’s Trugory, who considers him a similar breath of fresh air.

‘It Goes (Round And Round)’ is the first single from his forthcoming debut album, and is an enjoyable feel good record which sounds all the more fresh as we approach summer. Whilst consisting of a quite humble, old skool vibe in terms of approach, it also sounds relevant to current hiphop releases. ‘36 Bars’ is the second track on the release and is just as nice, with a busier beat which Butta laces with smooth and charismatic verses that back up his choice of artist name.

Considering the last person the De La Soul duo signed up was Mos Def, and going on the quality of this first release, Butta Verses is certainly an artist you’d be doing well to check out, and it’ll be interesting to see what the next releases are like.