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March 29th, 2006

Rapnews Podcasts

Here at Rapnews HQ, we’re hoping to get our idea of a regular Podcast off the ground, which’ll provide regular and fresh music to the masses. Find out how you can help us do this!

At Rapnews.co.uk we’re currently looking for heads who’d like to get involved in producing a regular Podcast for the site, which will enable listeners to hear all the dope and exclusive tracks we often get sent through. People we’re looking to find include:

A DJ who’s up to the challenge of putting the Podcast playlist together in a dope manner.

Sponsors who’d like short and sweet adverts for their company/projects to be included.

Artists/Labels who’d like to use the Podcast to get new material and news out there to the masses.

Perhaps a host who can shout over all the decent songs and annoy everyone in Fat Man Scoop style. (Not).

A web head who knows all about podcasts, although this position is half filled already.

We reckon it’d be dope to put up a new podcast once a fortnight, or once a month. Rapnews.co.uk will provide all the content, although all contributors will be welcome to include whatever they wish.

Rapnews.co.uk runs on a very strong system and we have all the webspace and technical needs to support the podcast.

It makes sense that all our fresh news, interviews and reviews be represented in audio form on a regular basis, providing yet another way for people to use Rapnews to keep up to date with everything.

Rapnews employs strict quality control and we’ll only see this project to the end if our results are to our high standards.

Please e-mail wrightside@yahoo.com if you feel you can help in anyway.

In the meantime, check out Rapnews Audio page for some great exclusives and rarities, and be sure to subscribe to our new RSS feed!

One Response to “Rapnews Podcast”

  1. tom Says:

    You know its a good idea, keeps people upto date with releases n that.