Inja- Scars

March 26th, 2006

Featuring production by DJ Nappa and guest vocals by a very strong cast of Foreign Beggars, Taskforce and Delegates Of Culture, this is a four track EP which any true UK hiphop head would be unfaithful not to pick up. Things kick off with the energetic strings based title track and then roll into ‘Enter The Falcon’, a strong crew cut with a soulful, medium tempo beat. ‘Dem Frauds’ starts with a bit of a drunken sing-along of the track’s title before launching into an aggressive track that’s comprised of offensive style vocals and a militant beat that has a very nasty bass line. As usual, Chester P and Farma G drop heavy vocals as do Foreign Beggars on ‘Never Over’, a great number which rounds off the whole release in consistent fashion.

One Response to “Inja- Scars”

  1. chris l Says:

    yeh props to inja
    seen him on stage @ technique gig in oxford
    that scars track is splendid