Yaeo- Tha Last Of Tha Mohawks…

March 26th, 2006

After a quite tedious introduction, this six track EP begins with ‘I Can Be…’ with vocals sounding strongly like Chester P and a simple beat developing into an interesting country flavour throughout the choruses.

The verses are rapped in a deliberately lazy vibe which works well alongside the basic drum pattern and the quite impressively effective harmonica. The lyrics could be drafted into something more substantial, but it’s never the less a healthy opening number.

‘Alcoholik’ starts with samples of dialogue which run for far too long, making the track as a whole slightly too much. The vocal execution is good and suits the subject matter which the track’s title spells out in the plainest of fashion, and the production shows skill on the boards.

‘With No Money’ isn’t a particularly impressive effort in terms of lyricism, which doesn’t generate much of an impact. The vocal style is however of strong character and makes up for the shortcomings of the words. The beat is enjoyable, with a quite simple drum pattern but a nice looping of strings.

‘My Love Song’ is by far the strongest cut on the EP. It’s full of raw emotion of a romantic nature over a gentle and atmospheric guitar based beat. Yaeo speaks in far more passion about the topic at hand than during other songs on the release and the result is all the stronger for this. If there’s anything to fault, it’s the slightly repetitive chorus, ‘F.L.I.P’. The faint soul sample fading in and out adds a lot of feeling to the overall effect of the song.

‘Is Street Level Musik’ concludes the EP in half hearted fashion which suggests a little quality control in planning the release’s track listing would have improved things a lot. The song isn’t really wack, it’s just that it doesn’t offer anything that hasn’t already been showcased in previous numbers. The bonus tracks ‘Mudslide’ featuring Farma G and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ featuring Skin on the other hand, provide some nice touches of class to proceedings.

Overall, this release is a mixed bag. There’s some really nice and promising moments amongst some tracks which simply feel too underdeveloped. It’s admirable that Yaeo handles the entire production, besides the Suparnovar produced ‘My Love Song’ and it’ll be interesting to see what the artist of Mud Fam affiliation comes up with next.