March 14th, 2006


We tracked down the final Poisonous Poets crew member to be interviewed on the site. See what he’s got to say about the scene, his group, solo projects and garage music.

Please could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from?

Yo, what’s good? This is Therapist, aka Therapistol aka Thera. 1/6 of Poisonous Poets. I’m comin straight outta East London all day!

How long have you been rhyming at a serious level and what motivated you to make that step from standard hiphop head to MC?

Boy… Since I was about 12 I’ve been writing rhymes. At first it was in the bedroom on a mess about tip but then I linked up with some brers at Dark & Cold one day when I was about 15. They were feelin’ what I came with so they got me on a track. That was the first time I had been in a studio and I eventually met Reveal through the same guys. It wasn’t really until the Poisonous ting came about that I thought of doin’ this on a more serious level. All my boys in the ends used to go on at me about how I wasting my talents and not really doin’ anythin’ productive so I thought fuck it!

When did you become a member of the Poisonous Poets crew and how did you hook up with them all?

Along with Doc, Revs and Tony, I’m one of the original four members. I met Reveal through the people I did my first track with years ago. Them dudes kinda wanted us to battle as we were both young and they kept tellin’ us about each other and saying we were the best spitters they had heard in our age group. But when we ended up meeting it was all love and we’ve been tight ever since and kinda came up together through some shit and experiences.

Reveal was really the glue that brought all of us together. I knew Doc from when he used to check Revs and Cipher. He’s been sick from way back. With Tony D. it’s kinda funny because he was livin’ down the road from me for years and it took for a west man to meet him in south for us to link up. Lowkey was brought to the click. He brought in Stylah and the rest will soon be history. We’re the illest hands down.

With the recent additions to the crew of Stylah and Lowkey, there’ll be people out there gunning to join up too. How do they get in?

Nah man, aint no vacancies left. Bredda’s better look elsewhere! For real though, we feel content now. We got enough poison in our camp now and it’s hard to keep track of 6 individuals as it is. At the end of the day, all of Poisonous are individuals as well and do our own thing in our own time, so it’s hard to always bring the full crew together at once. But everyone feels good about what we got and the potential there is for total domination of this whole shit. Be scared.

How would you describe your flow and lyrical content, and what do you bring to the table in the crew?

I don’t like to box myself into one category. I feel like I can touch on various issues and don’t specifically spit for one group of people. But I definitly come from a street perspective and speak on things that happen on road because that’s what I know about. But at the same time I’ve got other sides to me and definitly want to uplift certain types of people and make them open their minds to the things going on in the world. In future, I want to speak on more issues concerning the have-nots and my people in the struggle. I always keep the flow on point, sharp like a razor. I also got a little double time flow as I used to do the garage thing once upon a time. I’m not necessarily a punchline rapper but I throw them in when I feel to. My shit is more to the point and I just speak what I feel on the day.

Doc, Stylah, Lowkey and Reveal all have material out there. How comes we’ve yet to hear much stuff of a solo tip from you?

The way I see it is everyone will have their time to shine. At the moment the others have been doing their thing and as long as it’s all in the name of Poisonous, that’s all good. Them man are reppin’ me when they rep’ Poison so it just makes it easier for me and Tony to come through. At the moment, I’ve got a lot of shit recorded that no one aint heard yet, and I plan to drop a couple mix CDs in the near future. Right now, I’m bless with playing my position in Poison, but the gears are shifting so look out very soon.

What are the plans in regards to a crew project and when do you think this will finally see the light of day?

It’s coming sooner than you think bruv. The Poisonous Poets second official mix CD will be available in a hot minute. It’s our first release with Lowkey and Stylah and we’ve already recorded all the tracks. We’re just in the process of putting it together. I can tell you right now that it’s fire! We got some exclusive new Poisonous track featuring all members, as well as solo tracks and combinations between us. No features. Straight, uncut Poisonous Poets! Also, look out for Stylah’s new mix CD, ‘Crash Course’. It’s absolutely filthy. Make sure you get it. It’s a must.

How often are you sitting down and working on raps in your rhyme book and how much does rapping consume your day to day life?

To tell the truth, I hardly write rhymes at home. Back in the day I used to write much more than I do now. Nowadays I find myself writing to tracks in the studio, sometimes on the day I record it. I do occasionaly get a little inspiration and write at my yard but truthfully my mobile phone is more of a rap book than my actual pad. When I’m on road and get one-liners or an ill rhyme I just save it in my celly. It’s got to the point where I’ve got shit so locked, I aint gotta worry about verse deadlines. I’ll knock one out the box quickly son! Ha, jokes.

What rappers and crews are you feeling the most in the UK scene and who’d you like to collaborate with the most?

To be real I’m feelin my crew more than anyone but there are some dudes out there definitly doin’ their thing. I’m feeling Skinnyman, Klashnekoff, Malik from Moorish Delta, Kyza, 12 Stone, Sway, Street Dreams, Mr Ti2bs, Sincere, Kano,Swiss and a lot of others that I can’t think of this second. We got some tight rappers here in the UK but there aint enough backing and exposure to hear what they’re dropping on a regular basis. I’m up for collaborating with anyone if they’re real and on the level.

How do you and the guys feel about the 2step music etc getting popular. Will we see you lot doing much double time material?

Who u talking 2 dun? I’ve been doing the garage/grime ting from years ago. Right now, I aint doin’ it but I’m always up for a double time. Where I’m from in East London, there’s a big grime following and most of the big mc’s came from East back in the day. It was normal to be a garage MC in the ends. I started on rap but it was destined that I would jump on the garage/grime ting. I got love for that scene still, but I felt like it wasn’t progressing. At the time I was in one of the most popular crews in East but I had to follow the rap shit ‘cause that’s where my heart is at. Real mc’s can spit on just about anything. But you wont catch me on a pop ting or on no fuckin’ country & western tunes so dont worry about dat.

What do you feel is the most positive and negative aspect of the Uk scene right now?

I think the quality is gradually getting better, rhyme and production wise. There’s enough talent out here for people to be putting out hits every week! But again, the problem is backing from the music industry. Them pussy’s are too scared to gamble so we have to do it ourselves and create a buzz so big that we can dictate what we want to these labels and not be made to do what they say, when they dont know shit about what we’re doing here. You get me?

Another problem is still the quality of some of the shit being released. My mum could probably spit better than some of these clowns you see up on Channel U. Some of the videos I see have some decent rappers but the video is pants. We need to raise the standards if we want to be taken seriously, otherwise people will judge us on these pricks out there. Tell the truth, the best spitters probably aint even in the game ‘cause they can’t be bothered to get into it, thinking there’s no future and money in it. Give it a few years…

Have you got any shout out’s you’d like to make to wrap this up on?

Hold tight all the Therapist and Poisonous fans out there. Man aint forgot about you. Keep on supporting and much love if you copped our CDs. Look out for upcoming releases and make sure you get that. You can check me out on and get in contact or just listen to tracks. Hold tight the poisonous fam, and all the up and coming rappers/mc’s and singers out there. Holla at the kid! Look out for my other affiliation. Piff City Paperboys straight out of East London ready to stick up the industry. Hold tight my dudes locked in the bing and my man dem on the roads. Let get it!

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  1. gANGSTA No 1 Says:

    yo, nice interview. I’ve been waiting on Therapist to drop for ages, nice to finally see him around. One of the strongest and most underrated poets. Nice one hope to hear more tracks soon. G.N.1

  2. Leonard Says:

    Thera is a very dangerous young man. His tracks on the myspace link are sick. Poisonous poets must be the future from what i’ve heard. Leonard (SE12)

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    ummmmmmmm very big

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