March 9th, 2006


The dope producer who’s cooked beats for Jack Flash, Asaviour, Jehst and many more, chats to us about the Groundwurq crew and lots more. Don’t sleep on this promising beatsmith.

Please introduce yourself and tell the people what you do.

Yes yes. Apa-Tight, producer/MC at your service.

Give us a run down of the releases and tracks you’ve been involved in so far, and which of them you rate most highly.

I don’t have a favourite but I’ve done tracks with Asavoiur, Finders Keepers, Micall Parknsun, Hungry, Professor Green, Nothing More & others. Jehst, Sir Smurf, Few Steps Away & others. Jack Flash LP, mixtape, promo, J Simple, Versestothechrorus & others.

How long have you been cooking beats and what were the first pieces of hardware you used?

Haha, at school when I was about 13/14 my good spar who had been doing music for a few years knew what he was doing with equipment so he showed me what was up. I know there was an Atari ST,Cubase, a few keyboards, Roland etc and I remember this 8 track Tascam thingy what put it all on tape for us. I recall taking my first beat home buzzin’, so for about 3 years or so I was just learning how it was done and how to do what was in my head. Around ‘97 I got a lot more serious about it so I’d say from ‘97, about 9 years now.

What equipment do you tend to use nowadays?

Hmmm, can i keep that a secret? Hehe.

Do you enjoy rapping or producing the most?

Can’t call it. I love both equally.

Explain to us what GroundWurq is and what artists and heads are involved in that?

GroundWurq is mainly a three man workforce… We aren’t a group. More of an entity that is centered around myself, Jack Flash and J Simple. We are looking to expand this though in the future. Keep ya ears 2 the streets.

How did you guys link with Klinik Records?

Basically J Simple had some business heads interested in starting up a label and having Groundwurq as the jump off artists from a while back. As it happens, ‘05 was the right year for us all to put the plan into motion.

When do you think there’ll be a Jack Flash LP out and how did you guys feel the EP release went?

We had some mad positive feedback from it. On the whole, people were feelin it. We are looking forward 2 dropping his singles now.

What can people expect from your forthcoming album and when’s it likely to hit?

As an artist for now, I’m just gonna do things on the Groundwurq LP and also Flash’s, plus some other things I’m gonna fit on, but I’m not planning an LP just yet. As a producer, I’m taking my time with it but working on an LP which I’m looking forward to… Could be some suprises on that one… Probably late this year/early next.

A lot of hiphop heads know Huddersfield as being the place where Jehst and Asaviour started out. What’s the actual local scene saying?

To be honest, there’s talent and a load of people makin’ beats and rhyming, but as far as a scene, it can’t really evolve because there’s a lack of good nights and places seem to close down before they get going etc. There needs to be more support of that aspect. When we lost the record shops like Fourth Wave, that didn’t help either.

What artists and producers would you most appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with some day?

That’s a good one… Producers; DJ Premier, Alchemist, Beat Butcha, Pete Rock, Harry Love, Evil Ed, Madlib, Oh No, Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, Jazzy jeff & 9th Wonder. Artists; Masta Ace, Guru, Freddie Foxx, Kyza, Bilal, Common, Angie Stone, RedMan, Big Pooh & Phonte, Klashnekoff, Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes… Could go on for days. Too many really.

Who’s the greatest rapping producer of all time?

Dilla, hands down. R.I.P

What’s been your favourite artists and releases of recent years and how do you rate the UK scene in general?

Lil’ Brother, Masta Ace, Micall Parknsun, Klashnekoff, Kyza, Jehst, Asavior, Sir Smurf, Flash, Pro Green. In a hole, the UK scene is good and constantly getting better.

Have you got any websites, shout out’s or plugs you’d like to throw at the readers?

www.klinikrecords.com www.jackflashuk.com www.myspace.com/groundwurq Currently working on my website which will be up soon. Big Shouts Jehst,Asaviour, Cons, Smurf & the Whole Colony. Pro Green, Sunkenheads, Flash, Simple, Klinik Records, Walta-Ego, C2, Ko-D-Fi, Micall Parknsun, Tahbo, Ruby, DTN. Anyone who supports hiphop and anyone working hard to bring you that propa’ ish!

7 Responses to “Apa-Tight”

  1. Pee Says:

    Groundwurq is heavy! Big up Apa-Tight!

  2. MR PARKNSUN Says:


  3. SIR'smurf Says:

    Apa-Tight is 1of U.K’s tightest producers, (true-story)
    blood,s sound wave is crazy, he putting in that
    groundwurk4true (shout out) to the crew. much luv,

  4. Walta-Ego Says:

    Ap c too nasty too nice.. big up ma boy.. making landmark movements fo real.. OnE

  5. G.huddz Says:


  6. da puzo Says:

    tight ass interview over there iam in africa but believe did dude gat som to say..reespek!

  7. beat butcha Says:

    gyeh safe for the shout aps, this breh is nice with it…