Sonnyjim- Soul Trader

March 4th, 2006

From the get go it’s clear that this eight track EP will be an enjoyable experience. The intro hints at strong structure, lots of personality in the vocals and solid wordplay. ‘Headlines’ produced by Dave Institute confirms all that. The flow’s interesting and keeps you listening for more, and at the same time there’s a narrative which feels worthy of keeping up with and digesting. Also, even though the track clocks in at four minutes, time flies. So you must be having fun.

‘Paperwork’ begins with a bunch of MF Doom flavour samples which increases the entertainment values and the DJ Skare beat provides a bouncy and head nodding foundation that Sonnyjim laces with verbal splurges of freshness. ‘Barcodes’, featuring Kosyne & English, is a solid collaboration of a switch/swap vocals approach whilst ‘Breathe’ demonstrates great imagination, sample choices and a well sustained choice of topic.

‘Jim Wisecrack’ features cuts by DJ Cro and is produced by JBC. It starts nicely with a live snippet and then rolls into a solid track which sounds a little darker than previous offerings. The beat quality is high, with sound effects and a base line subtly going on in the background, indicating lots of care for detail. ‘Soul Trader’ is a piano based and atmospheric track which appropriately concludes the release. The vocals are reflective and shows the rapper in another different light.

In conclusion, this is a very enjoyable and worth while release which gives a clear and impressive demonstration of an imaginative and entertaining mind, as well as the skill of several little known but very capable beatsmiths. Out now, it’s certainly something you’d feel very happy about having bought.