Teef- Honour Amongst Teef Vol.2

March 4th, 2006

In recent years the quality of some UK hiphop has begun to take the expectations of the scene’s listeners to new heights. Far more exciting production ideas and more interesting rhyme patterns, flows and lyrical content has elevated the entertainment impact of the genre’s high end releases, and created a result which draws the listener back to the record many times. It generates great interest in the artist and has everyone constantly asking when the next release will drop. That’s all well and good, but now this effect is altering the way many solid releases, which are good efforts but without that something special people have now been exposed to, are received.

Teef’s rhyming ability is solid and there’s a healthy bunch of tracks on this release which is way too long in length. ‘5 Finger Discount’ is a highlight due to its interesting production and ‘Paint Downing Street Black’ showcases good lyrical content. ‘My Friend Kaybelrex’ provides a story telling effort which keeps you listening. But by the end of the demanding 15 tracks, you’re left with a strong taste of genericism. There are so many people putting out UK hiphop right now, and so more and more rappers are sounding way too similar to five others. This is one of them. There’s nothing unique here, and there’s an extreme lack of character and flavour strong enough for people to differentiate the release with 50 others.

One Response to “Teef- Honour Amongst Teef Vol.2”

  1. lea malone Says:

    shame this is 1 of only 2 reviews i can find on the honour amongst teef, that could put people off gettin it. i highly rate it, no nonsense uk hip hop, and did you not hear the feestyle at the end of vol 2? is this just one opinion? or one agreed by rapnews in general? teef states in the other site’s interview that he doesn’t think through what style to use, doesn’t pick apart and piece together this music. a problem now in reviews of music is how robotic they are, this is music, not an essay. the music should be listened to and felt, you didn’t feel it, fair enough, but i think this review is inaccurate on the things i’ve heard and what mc’s people are watching grow, so that was my thought anyway, don’t let the review put you off, this is music’s to feel, not disect.