C-Mone- The Butterfly Effect

February 22nd, 2006

Nottingham’s C-Mone comes correct on this Son Records release and her debut album which follows her win at the UK Hiphop Awards and several strong EP’s, which have already gained her lots of respect and fans. From the get go, there’s a loud sense of integrity and quality control. The production is classy and the first two tracks alone showcase range in lyricism and flow which you’d find hard to come across in many rapper’s whole albums.

In ‘Article 5’ C-Mone tackles a range of topics which so easily could have ended up with a teen angst treatment, but that are handled maturely over a slice of atmosphere produced by Smiley. ‘Disfunktional’ is a deep and retrospective track produced by DJ Fever, whilst ‘The Magnificent 7’ provides a huge party of solid guest appearances including Pariz 1, Matic, Smiley, the legendary Cappo and more.

What’s great about this release is the sophisticated and honest nature with which C-Mone carry’s herself, such as on the P Brothers produced ‘Inside Out’. ‘Ode To Hip-Hop’ does what the title suggests, in an extremely passionate way which won’t fail to touch any true hiphop head. Produced by Nick Stez, it subtly incorporates dialogue of guy’s conversing about the topic at hand. C-Mone’s worlds, combined with the gentle string and clapping beat pattern creates something really beautiful.

‘Ride’ is of really vivid and captivating lines and ‘Black Widow’ delivers yet more intelligent verses with a really enjoyable chanted hook. ‘Watching U’ concludes the album with a seductive beat and lyrics to match. All in all, this is an extremely listenable and fullfilling effort which C-Mone deserves a lot of attention for. It’s quality UK hip-hop through and through and already a significant contender for album of the year.