Ghost- Seldom Seen Often Heard

February 12th, 2006

Ghost kicks of his album with its title track, a really moody but great piece of music with quality verses laid down by Verb T, Asaviour and most impressively, Kashmere. In quite contrasting fashion, ‘Basic Instict’ follows, with a much lighter atmospheric offering and a slightly faster pace. US rapper Abstract Rule drops down tight vocals of a flow which matches the beat really well.

London rapper Lowkey contributes the rhyming on ‘Make A Difference’ which is held up from starting a little by a quite tedious interlude. The rapper’s efforts are solid and demonstrate a clear ability to pen lyrics and deliver them well, although the jabs at Tony Blair and voice in general feels a little too familiar and generic in the context of his mix CD series.

After another not so great skit it’s onto the Verb T and Asaviour laced track ‘The Pay Off’. The beat quickly gets the head nodding and both mc’s do well. Throughout the beat there’s glimpses of a trumpets or horns sample which together with the strings, make the song. ‘Valley Of Legends’ sustains the head nodding in great style. Kashmere’s verses demonstrate confidence and entertainment value in their content and execution. There’s lots of expression and charisma in the guy’s voice which many listeners will be hungry to hear a lot more from.

‘Talk To Me’ features one of the lesser known artists to appear on the album, Devorah. It’s great that a less rap orientated track has been included in the release. The female singer’s vocals are very soulful and suit the really laid back and chilled out beat. The lyrical content and its repetition could be stronger but never the less, it’s a tight song and worthy of many playbacks.

Verb T, Asaviour and Kashmere appear again on ‘Invisible Inc’. The short studio banter at the start is a nice touch and the very economic production which slowly increases in activity is as good as any of the radio favourite Neptunes tracks of a similar approach. All the rhyming is good but it’s a shame Kashmere or Verb T didn’t handle the Asaviour dominated chorus. Not that it’s poor, but the guy does tons of Jehst hooks and he’d probably appreciate the change.

Detroit’s Finale raps impressively over the simple but effective ‘Alien Invasion’ beat which is one of the release’s better inclusions. A straight forward guitar loop fades in and out during the verses which plays with the level of emotion really subtly. DJ IQ scratches and Asaviour raps on ‘On The Right Track’. The bassline is very warm and enjoyable and the modest turntable trickery maturely avoids showboating and matche’s the track’s vibe. Asaviour comes correct in one of his most impressive works to date.

Mudmowth’s ‘Through The Hills’ marks a quite noticeable change in the album’s energy. His strong demonstration of character has quite an impact because of the more dreamy material which precedes the track. The vocals standout as being loud and evidence of the rapper’s hunger to impress, which he does with ease. Dubbledge has a similar effect on ‘Learn Respect’. The flow is on point and the drums of the beat are programmed admirably.

‘Better Tomorrow’ feels like one too many Verb T and Asaviour guest appearances. It’s solid stuff but it would have benefited the listener had it been replaced by different guest appearances, which Ghost’s production could surely have easily attracted. The album ends with the instrumental ‘Round Trip’ featuring Biscuit. It’s a definite highlight of the whole album and a wonderful way to conclude it on. It’s so good infact that it leaves Ghost looking like he might have one hell of a DJ Shadow esc project up his sleeves.

‘Seldon Seen Often Heard’ is a great release which certainly provides value of money and a lot of playback moments. It’s easily as good as the other recent producer albums such as Baby J’s ‘F.T.P’, DJ First Rate’s ‘Walky Talkyz’ and Blufoot’s ‘The Ablution’. Ghost has firmly established himself at the top end of UK hiphop production and is clearly on his way to larger fan bases and projects.

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  1. jimi handtrix Says:

    good lp in total. your spelling is awful in this review!