84 Fresh Lyrical Competition

February 10th, 2006

84 Fresh

84Fresh.com has teamed up with Rapnews to run this exclusive and unique MC competition which could have your lyrics seen on t-shirts nationwide!

84 Fresh Underground Apparel (84Fresh.com) have teamed up with Rapnews.co.uk to run this exclusive MC competition.

84 Fresh Underground Apparel are looking to help up and coming underground MC’s by showcasing their lyrical genius. If you can write the sickest bars – and want to be in with a chance of having your lyrics appear on a forth coming 84 Fresh T-shirt (an excellent showcase for any MC!) – Then this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

The idea is simple — we want you to write 4 bars (original material only — no biting!) about the underground hiphop culture which you live. We will leave it up to you about what you want to write about, although we’re more interested in positive lyrics. We want your lyrics to be damn tight, creative and clever, and feel free to drop some ill punchlines!

All competition entry’s will be judged by the 84 Fresh team, and the MC with the tightest lyrics will be in with a chance of having their lyrics appear on a forthcoming, professionally produced, 84 Fresh T-shirt (along with receiving full lyrical credit). As well as having this opportunity, they will also win their choice of 84 Fresh T-shirt from 84Fresh.com (as will the 2 runners up).

So, bust out your pen, dust off your pad, and get creative. Send in your entries via e-mail and be sure to include your name, address and contact information. You can enter as many times as you like, before the 17th March. Good Luck.

Check out what 84 Fresh co owner had to say to the questions we threw at him:

Why did you choose to name your company 84 Fresh?

I chose 84 Fresh as I was born in 1984, and I consider myself fresh! I think it has a nice ring to it, and it’s one of those names that you can say hundreds of times and without it getting boring.

How long have you been in business and what’s your ultimate goal?

84 Fresh Apparel (in the state it’s in today) has been running for about 6 months now. The business is a partnership between myself and my dad (who is a screen printer by trade). It’s a combination of my love and knowledge of hip hop and its culture, DJing and Producing, along with my dad’s knowledge of making quality clothing.

Our ultimate goal is to build 84 Fresh to the point where it’s an active part of the UK’s hip hop and underground music scenes. We want to support the vast amount of talent found in the UK’s underground cultures, which so often goes unnoticed. This is one of the reasons for us having a ‘guest designer’ range of clothing — as we allow designers who we feel the opportunity to get their designs professionally produced and distributed. We want to be known as the freshest clothing company around – providing the dopest clothing for the people who live the same lifestyles as me and you (and anybody reading this interview).

But expect some big moves coming from the 84 Fresh camp soon! Eventually I want to diverse into a record label (as I am at heart, a producer and DJ first) and we’re currently planning a regular 84 Fresh club night, again, supporting the underground talent in the UK hip hop scene. There is also the education arm of 84 Fresh (which actually started before the clothing) — which is teaching DJ workshops to kids in local schools. It allows me to educate the youth about DJing properly, and about REAL hip hop and its culture, which has been very rewarding.

Who handles the design and creation in general of your range?

All of the designs on the site (except the guest designer ranges) were done by myself, but we’re currently scouting new talent to expand our range and styles of clothing. Most of the design ideas were basically inspired by my lifestyle as a DJ, a producer and a fan of Hip hop. This gives me an advantage as I am my own customer. We create clothing that I would want to wear as a DJ, or as a producer, or just as a fan of Hip Hop and its culture.

What’s your favourite tee in the collection?

My favourite T is probably the ‘MPC’ or the ‘Think More’. The MPC illustration is actually my old 2000xl, which taught me so much! These day’s I rock an MPC3000LE but the 2000 will always be special to me! And plus, I think the T looks dope!

I really like the ‘Think More’ design as it’s something that I strongly believe in, and recommend to everybody! People have been conditioned into not thinking for themselves these days, in almost every aspect of life. If we were to stop for just a moment, and actually think about things, we can see that there are alternative solutions to every problem; solutions that we do not always see as we’ve been conditioned to ‘follow the crowd’ and are afraid of being different and doing our own thing. For instance, after leaving Uni I could have jumped into a 9-5 at an office (which would be the ‘norm’), but that’s not how I want to live. Instead I looked for an alternative solution, and decided to set up 84 Fresh.

Tell us about this competition. Why not simply a giveaway comp?

The comp goes back to an idea me and my dad had a while back. We wanted to have a design that MC’s could relate to, in terms of lyrics about the culture that they live. Originally, we were going to approach big name MC’s to write lyrics, but then decided that this would be a great opportunity for underground MC’s to get their work noticed — with the possibility of their lyrics being used on a forthcoming Tshirt. This comp again goes back to supporting the underground talent in the UK.

With tons of tee websites, what makes yours so fresh?

We’re taking a different approach to a lot of other clothing companies, as a lot of our clothing is aimed at the artists themselves (the MC’s, the DJ’s, the Producers etc). This is the reason why we decided to offer customisation on all of our products. The idea is that a DJ can have their DJ name professionally written on the back of their Tshirt/Sweat or Hoodie (as could an MC/Producer etc). This again was inspired by my own wants as a DJ and producer — When I perform or I’m out partying, I would love to rock fresh clothing with my name professionally written on the back – so we decided to do it!

Also, I think our attention to detail makes us fresher than the rest. Little things that go a long way. Like the 84 Fresh tag at the bottom of each shirt — it is made from a suede like material, adding a nice texture to the shirt. We could have printed it (which was the easier option), but we much prefer the effect and feel of the process we use. Also our packaging — each T gets delivered in a full colour, Screen Printed record mailer! A damn lot of work goes into each Tshirt (which me and my dad actually print with our own hands – rather than using sweatshops to produce them) and I think the quality of the final product reflects that.

What does the future hold in terms of your range and company in general?

We’re currently on the look out for tight new designers for our guest designer ranges (any tight designers that want to get involved email me at dan@84fresh.com)) — and we’re currently working on designs inspired by the other elements of hip hop culture, so we will soon have` bboy and graffiti ranges.

Our limited edition Tshirts will be appearing very soon which we’re really excited about. The limited editions are gunna be something so very special!! I’m talking collector’s garms — owning an 84 Fresh limited edition will be like owning an original pressing of sexy coffee pot! The idea is to keep them sooooo exclusive, and they will be, with only 84 of each shirt being created — ever! Once those 84 have gone, they will never be created again…that’s it! We expect them to be so exclusive that we’ll be taking pre-orders (to subscribers of our mailing list) a week or so before the shirts are released to the public! Each limited edition Tshirt will have its own unique number printed on it (1 of 84, 2 of 84 etc), and will be customised with the buyers (DJ/MC/Tag) name. There will also be a dedicated area on our website where you can see the 84 lucky people who own limited edition shirts (there name and city will appear next to the number shirt that they own), and they will be encouraged to send photos of themselves in rocking their supa-rare garm.

The shirts themselves are gunna be on the next level! As we only have 84 shirts to create, we’re really going all out on them! Expect supa-fresh designs, made up of multiple print processes, making these shirts real special!

And remember — 84Fresh.com is the only place in the world where you can buy an 84 Fresh limited edition shirt — so if you’re buying it from anywhere else — it’s a fake! If you come across somebody selling fakes, let me know and I’ll break there knee-caps.

In terms of 84 Fresh in general — we’re aiming high. I’m an ambitious person and I’m not giving up till we’re at the top. Were currently working on 84 Fresh club nights (coming soon — check the website for updates!) and eventually, I plan to diverse into a record label.

Got any shout out’s to wrap this up on?

Firstly big up my business partner and dad (‘Daddy Fresh’) for helping make my dreams a reality. Big shout out’s to my friends and family for the support and advice. Big shout out to Jake @ response, Big Smoke, SOS magazine, Touch, David Neale, Starboy, Bard, Fallen, Undali, Skrien, the Beggars, the Broken Souls Fam, Ghost, Disorda, Mr Lawson, DJ GO, DJ MK, TB, Smurf, Drew, Keith Lawrence, Blufoot, No Rest For The Wicked, Medison, Crunch, Disco Steve, DJ Sumguy, Wolfman Jackson, I.N.C, and a massive thanks to everybody who’s supported us on our journey. Shout out to all the fans of UK Hip Hop, and everybody ‘Supporting the Lifestyle’. Big up yourself Tee for doing a wicked job with your site! Peace, Danny Fresh, Support The Lifestyle.