Joker Starr

February 8th, 2006

Joker Starr

If you haven’t heard of this guy yet, don’t worry because you will by the end of the year. Check out his answers to questions on the Uk scene, his releases and live shows.

To kick things off, tell us your best joke.

Me favourite joke is; What is yellow and blue? Green. Classic!

Where abouts in the UK are you from and how long have you been rapping?

I am from Slough, which is west of West London and it is full of chavs, pikeys and immigrants and fake gangsta’s. I have been rapping for almost 7 years now. Not that long really.

If you had to go on Stars In Their Eyes ‘hiphop special’, who’d you most like to be?

If I was to get the opportunity to walk through those Stars In Your Eyes doors I would have to be the Old Dirty Bastard. I would walk out smellin’ of cheese, with two crack head women, some special brew cans, holding on to me Giro whilst saying in the mic’ ‘Call me big baby Jesus”. Yeh!

For the people that haven’t heard any of your tunes, how’d you describe your style and what releases should we catch up on?

For the two people who know who I am, this does not apply to you. My style has no style, meaning I don’t have a set formula in my creative process. If I think it’s dope, then that’s what counts. It doesn’t sound like hiphop you’re used to from British artists. Don’t sound American. Isn’t Grime. It just is what it is… Dope Shit! Catch me on Keith Lawrence’s ‘Goin’ True’ EP on ‘Lyrical Olympics’. DJ Blufoot’s ‘Ablution’ album and ‘Big Bang Theory’ single. Seanie T’s ‘Dark Horizon’ mixtape & ‘Darka Dayz’ mixtape. Answer & Genesis’s ‘F The Playlist’ mixtape. My own releases are ‘Raw Spittage/The Anthem’ and ‘Get Up/Attack Of The Clones, all at Suspect Packages or FatCity.

What material are you working on at the moment and are you part of a label or crew at the moment?

At the moment I am my own crew. I’ve got a few things in the bag but I don’t wanna jinx them, but expect atleast 2 video’s, and a CD release this year. Looking to start me own label ‘Flukebeat’ real soon. Don’t wanna jinx it so stop being nosey. Haha.

How healthy do you reckon the UK hiphop scene is at the moment and what was the best thing you heard in 2005?

The scene is crap and struggling. I think it need to improve a hell of a lot. Music is weak and the emcees are too on the whole. Not everyone, just the majority. Best Tune apart from mine was ‘Jah Bless’ by Genesis Elijah. His mix tape is hitting store Feb’ 14th. Big ting for him 2006 bwoy.

Are you just into the rapping or do you dabble with producing, or any other areas of hiphop like graffiti or breaking?

Yeh, I make beat and that. Do a bit of body poppin’ and freakin’ and that. Cant break dance ‘cause it hurts. It called ‘break dance’ for a reason ‘cause you break stuff like bones!

Do you get the opportunity to perform live much and how do you find being up on stage before an audience?

Being on stage is the best thing. I dont do it as much as I like. That’s because I’m not as popular as some of the other acts, but I will change that. Live performance is as much an art form as the technical side of emceeing. It is as important to look good on stage as it is to have skills with words.

What are your feelings towards the less traditional styles of hiphop which are getting more dominant in the UK? You gonna be making the double time and grime style stuff?

I can see why people like it, but I cant idetify with it ‘cause they’re people into it aren’t utilising the music to its full potential. Grime is all about clashing. The lyrics are done by 10 year olds thinking they’re gansters. One kid told me he would turn my white t-shirt red. The punk, so I slapped him. Haha. I have done double time lyrics but it’s not new to hiphop. Look at Kane. These kids need to be studying the artists that came before them who laid the blueprint to their whole shit.

Drop us your web and Myspace links so heads can keep in touch with what you’re up to. Check it for exclusive pre release listening pleasure.

Have you got any shout out’s or plugs you’d like make before this wraps up?

Shouts too Slough mans, G-Man, Nina @ EUT, Geny from Da Blick, IMZ and the gang. Flukebeat is the movement 2006. The Fluke revolution will be digitized. One.

2 Responses to “Joker Starr”

  1. Rohan Says:

    Mystro wannabe? Just kidding. Track on Blufoot’s album is decent. Will be good to hear new stuff. Nice interview.

  2. Mic Says:

    He narf looks like Mystro in that photo innit!