February 1st, 2006


The Mud Fam member talks to us about the UK hiphop scene, maintaining the culture’s elements, past releases and his new mix CD ‘Explosive Muzik 2’.

First up, could you introduce yourself to the readers who don’t know you?

My name is SuparNovar, formaly out of the Mud Family. Right now I’m reppin’ my original crew from long time, ‘Flip Tha Skript’.

Where are you based and how are you feeling the local hiphop scene these days?

I’m originaly based in North London right. I’m based in Huddersfield the past 6 months. I’ve been based in brighton. I’m gonna be based in Liverpool in a few days so I dont really have a base. I suppose I’m a bit of a traveller but I always end up back in da endz though.

What’s the best hiphop night people should be checking out when they’re in North London?

That’s gotta be Kung Fu. I’m not sure when or where the next one is though as I think they’re changing venues at the moment.

For those that aint heard you, how’d you describe your style of music?

British road music.

Who have been the biggest influences on your interest in hiphop and career making it?

Skinnyman and all of the Mud Fam obviously. Other than that, Tupac, Wu Tang, Nas. There’s too many to mention. The whole grime scene is very inspiring at the moment though.

SuparNovar and Co.

What releases have you put out so far and what are you working on right now?

I’ve put out 3 solo singles, 2 mixtapes and featured on ‘nuff other things including Mud Family releases. Right now I’m just pushin the new mix CD ‘Explosive Muzik 2’ while I work on the finishing touches of my album, dropping on Kemet Entertainment Records later this year. The first single of the album’s droppin’ late april.

Tell us about some of the tracks on your new mix CD. What can listeners expect?

The new CD is just me mostly rappin over big American instrumentals as well as a few exclusive tracks. The only track that doesnt feature me is the last tack by my boy Rapper Ragz who’s currently banged up. He recorded this track just before he went down while the rest of da man dem were already locked up for the same crime. He was the only one who didn’t get caught at the time, so this track means a lot to me man. I had to put it on there. Dont watch nothing though. When he lands, it’s over. The CD also features the Foreign Beggarz, Skrien, and Wordsmith who I’m doing a lot of work with at the moment.

How did you hook up with Mud Fam and become a member?

I went on Skinny’s radio show wid my crew Flip Tha Skript in 1999 which led to us opening for Mud at their showcase in Subterainia. From then, I was just rollin’ with the fam’.

What are the other members up to and in particular, when’s the next Skinny album?

You’d have to ask Skinny when his next shit’s dropping ‘cause I wouldn’t know, but Ti2bs has got an album droppin’ on Kemet as well, later this year.

How beneficial has it been seeing Skinny finally put an album out and reach such success with it?

I’m just happy to see him do what we’d been waiting for him to do for so long. I’ve always known if he put the right effort in he would blow. He just needs to follow it through right now ‘cause I believe he can still go further.

What position will you have to be at to feel you’ve ‘made it’ and achieved your aims?

Owning my own home.

SuparNovar and Co.

What were your favourite releases of 2005 and what you looking forward to in the ‘06?

My favourite releases last year were probably Sway’s mixtapes. Kano’s album and Klashnekoff’s mixtape. But this year I’m looking forward to my own album.

If you could choose any artist or producer to work on material with, who’d they be?

If I could work with anyone it’d probably be someone like Jill Scott rather than a hiphop artist and at the moment I just wanna start workin’ with some grime artist ‘cause these rappers out here are boring me.

Are you into graffing, breaking or any other aspect of the culture?

Yeah I’m into every aspect of the culture. I just don’t really take part in them.

Do you feel that a lot of younger listeners of UK hiphop know too little about the origins of the music and culture?

You could say that about hiphop in general. The MTV generation dont know about hiphop’s roots. All they know is ‘money, drugs, hoes’ and now in the UK we’ve got what I call the ‘Channel U Generation’ where all these kids know about the UK hiphop scene is what they see on Channel U ‘cause that’s all half the artist know, but it’s all good ‘cause I think the fact that these kids are not watching the scene has made them bring forward a new element to it where ghetto kids on road are listening to British rappers now where they werent before, so I think we need to embace that rather than push it aside. Even though there is a lot of shit music coming through, there is also good stuff going on.

What do you feel could be done to insure the history is recognised and the original elements sustained?

It’s difficult ‘cause everything progresses and eventualy everything recreates itself. I’m more concerned about keeping up with the times, ‘cause I know my roots and if I spent all day tryna teach da youts about the past I might not be able to concentrate on the future.

Have you got any shout out’s you’d like to make to end this on?

Yeah big up all of my Flip Tha Skript crew, Mankind aka Hybreed (landing road in three weeks), Rapper Ragz currently on lock down (check his track at the end of my mix tape and on, big up Yaeo, Turbulance, Riff Raff, Snail, White Man, Saint, Pryce, Benny, Wordsmith, Genesis Elijah, DJ Flip, Kemet man dem and everyone helping to push this scene forward. One Love. Fuck Living In Pain (F.L.I.P).

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