Sway- This Is My Demo

January 20th, 2006

‘This Is My Demo’ begins with the title track of speedy delivery and quite under stated but atmospheric production. It’s got a great bass line and is a fairly good opening to proceedings.

‘Products’ is produced by Sway himself alongside Shux and features the vocals of El Rae on the strong chorus. The beat incorporates live instrumentation and is an enjoyable listen. The verses aren’t explicitly based upon a particular topic but do contain a healthy dose of interesting lines.

‘Hype Boys’ takes from the production of the previously released track ‘Why?’. The song’s energetic although you can’t digest many of the faster delivered lines which lean towards a grime orientated effort. The chorus is quite lame but the very busy production of electronic sounds spread thickly over a heavy drum pattern is impressive.

‘Little Derek’ is listenable if you can deal with the quite repetitive and tired style which Sway uses to end each line of the verses. It doesn’t justify many playback’s and wastes a beat which could have been the foundation for a very moving and inspirational track, clear through Baby Blue’s guest appearance.

Certainly an album highlight, ‘Pretty Ugly Husband’ hints at the creative brilliance which press releases have been claiming for the past year. The verses are of strong characterization and the beat is great, incorporating sound bites and screams well. There does however seem to be a forced attempt to give broadsheet critics something to draw upon.

‘Flo Fasion’ is overly familiar to anyone aware of Sway prior to this album, via lots of airplay and the two mix CD’s, ‘This Is My Promo’. As with ‘Up Your Speed’ and ‘Download’, it would have been better had it been left out and replaced with totally fresh content.

‘Loose Woose’ is produced and mixed by Turkish and sees Sway narrating a story about him and a lady. The beat sounds really strong, with some great choices of drum sounds and a soulful chorus.

‘Sick World’ steals the show. The verses are really strong, the beat is fantastic and the chorus is very enjoyable. The track shows the extent to which some parts of the album lack colour and energy, as it contains so much within it’s four minute run.

Produced by Shux, ‘Still On My Own’ has a chilled piano based beat which really suits the reflective and personal nature of the lyrics which are delivered in the flow and speed which Sway works best at. The smooth voiced Nate James on chorus sounds impressive.

‘Back For You’ is a romance orientated jam with a radio friendly RnB vibe to it whilst two bonus tracks fill up the remainder of the album in quite excessive style.

In conclusion, this is a solid release but which should have contained all new material as opposed to several tracks which many have been hearing for a very long time, and which have undergone single releases with militant PR backing. These inclusions make the track listing feel like a ‘The Story So Far’ compilation like Yungun’s ‘The Essance’, rather than a stand alone unit of work within the same context.

It’s clear during the album highlights that Sway is most entertaining and enjoyable to listen to when he’s creating tracks of a more traditional hiphop vibe. More subject focused tracks would have been enjoyable and far less whispering style delivery which is already quite dull to hear. The CD packaging is spectacular and the bonus DVD is a genuine treat as opposed to most release extras. The album is certainly a grower, will appeal to those outside of the standard UK hiphop crowd and is likely to do well.

3 Responses to “Sway- This Is My Demo”

  1. Tom Says:

    Supose this is quite fair, even if I feel some of the critics are a little picky. Worth buying for me though.

  2. Jamal Says:

    Sway’s first album was o.k but you can only go so far with a gimmick, make as much money as u can this year by next year the novelty may wear off, no offence intended

    P.s I went to see Stylah and Lowkey REAL FUCKING MUSIC

  3. SPooKy CaLiBEr Says: