Asylum Seekas- Don’t Shoot Me

January 18th, 2006

Asylum Seekas are based in the Channel Islands and consist of producer and DJ Mini Roll and rappers Jimmy Riddles and Patrick Bateman, although only Riddles seems to be present on this debut EP. Things kick off with ‘Dont Shoot Me’, a very dramatic, well produced and energetically executed song which give a promising initial introduction to a rapper with lots of excitement and expression in his voice. The flow varies impressively and the lyrics are packed with nice lines. ‘Party In Hell’ is much of the same, but with the vocals of an even more militant nature thanks to the speedy tempo. ‘Keep Ya Lips Tight’ begins with some sampled dialogue of news broadcasts. The verses are politically orientated and the lyrics are as you’d expect, but the delivery is great, with an undertone of emotion and pain in the vocalist. ‘Jimmy’s Riddles’ ends the EP with some really entertaining lines. Who thought Esther Rantzen would play a part in a sick hiphop tune? The EP’s out now and is a lot more worthy of your time than many first offerings.

One Response to “Asylum Seekas- Don’t Shoot Me”

  1. Bean-E Says:

    Big up the asylum seekas representing real channel island hip hop i’m a rapper myself from jersey with an EP coming out entitled ‘tha daily grind’ check my myspace for more details good looking keep up the good work.