Acarine- God Shoots, Jesus Save’s

June 5th, 2004

This limited edition 7”, God Shoots, Jesus Save’s/Pig In The Middle, comes from the newly signed artists to RoadRunner records, who have featured in and contributed to the soundtrack of the forthcoming Elijah Woods film ‘The Yank’, who are on 2004’s Glastonbury line-up and who support the ‘Kick Racism Out of Football’ campaign. But don’t be mistaken, that’s just stuff for the PR guru’s to load their canons with. What matters is the music, which justifies my previous four lines of hype. The A sides got a lot of brownie points. It’s intro is a gradual increase of theatrical sounds which are quick to be accompanied by vocals which executes lines of humour and intrigue with ease. The B side, a more chilled affair in terms of production, boasts a hypnotising background loop alongside brass and vocals which sustain a self confident and defiant persona, particularly in the line ‘We always stand our ground, We’re never backing down’. This is encouraging, promising and enjoyable and left me willing to look forward and purchase the soon to be released album.