Goonda-Raj & Yamboy- The Hunger EP

January 14th, 2006

In comparison to Yamboy’s first offering, this is around 300% better in terms of vocals, song concepts and production. Perhaps that’s the extra presence of Goonda-Raj, either way, it seems like a lot more effort and time has gone into this, which is ultimatly reflected in the end result. This wont be to everybody’s tastes, and some would describe certain tracks as a bit leftfield. There’s some spoken word here and there as well as some standard hiphop rhyming which is perphaps a little too cautious in pace and delivery. The third track has some dope drums whilst the final track has lots going on in the beat which provides for the most interesting listen. All of the songs in general have an eastern flavour to them, and I guess it kind of makes sense to listen to asian artists creating asian flavours, rather than one of the many US club hits who simply go with the tried and tested, and boring pitched up asian samples. There’s some lyrics here and there which seem slighty cliche and corny but on the most part the words are solid. Here’s hoping that the next release showcases the same extent of improvement, and then there’ll really be something to rave about. This is available through Move Musics.