DJ Lex- RnB In The 90’s

January 7th, 2006

The idea of this mix CD is pretty neat; a walkthrough of the most radio orientanted RnB jams of yester-year. It’s always nice to be taken back a few years, even though it’s a bit unnatural to get too sentimental about a decade so recent. There’s lots of songs on this tracklist which will take you back to certain party’s and night clubs, although there’s also a lot of hits that are missing. For instance, where is Lauryn Hill and The Fugee’s, who practically dominanted this kind of music in the 90’s, breaking world records for album sales and chart positions etc. Some of the mixing between tracks is very basic and lazy, showcasing little skill by Lex. For instance, the link between the opening track, Destiny’s Child’s ‘No, No, No’ and the next track, is merely a loud explosion. Another annoying thing about this release is the various talking over the records. We don’t really need to hear the name of the DJ over and over. In conclusion, this was a nice idea but not pulled off as well as it could have been.