January 5th, 2006


Mikey-T took some time out to give us an insight into what he’s about, including his influences, past and future releases, labels and exposure.

For those that aren’t familiar with Mikey-T, please introduce yourself and tell them where you’re from?

Well this is Michael Georgiou aka Mikey—T. The T stands for Terra but I kinda dropped that to just Mikey-T, but some still call me Terra though. I currently live in Farnborough and have done since the age of 13. Prior to that, I lived in South Harrow.

How long have you been rapping seriously, and what are the key releases you’ve been a part of so far?

Looking back now, I’ve been writing rhymes since about 11/12. I started going round a friends studio when I was 16 and putting down my thoughts, but I guess on a serious tip probably about 18/19 actually thinking that I could be good at this ish and maybe get somewhere .

Recent releases so far have been the Fauna single ‘Extra, Extra’ followed by the Fauna/ Mikey-T single ‘Barefoot/Mixed Emotions’ and my ‘Genuine Article’ EP which has recently come to light. Big up to Ejectorseat Records as well as Disorda. Also, a white label on Pepa records released by my old college spars Caramac and Juice. Big up! That tune was titled ‘Relentless’. The vinyl also featured the talents of Sway, Lowkey and Verb-T so big up to you guys!

Your bio says Beasties were an early influence. What other acts motivated you the most?

I guess primarily, the biggest influences on me were the early UK ish like Demon Boyz, Blade, Overlord-X and Gunshot. That stuff blew my mind. I just wanted to become a part of this artform damn straight. Along with that, pretty much a lot of Ragga and Reggae influences.

With hiphop listeners getting younger all the time, what effect do you think being around rap music has on someone growing up and developing as a personality?

I think with regards to the youth, we have to carefully think about the message we are bringing across. Also, the way we portray ourselves. I definitely think we need to bring a positive message across because young minds are easily influenced. Music is a very powerful tool.

What contemporary artists and producers are you feeling, that would probably be turning you into a rapper if you were 15 again?

Baby J and Harry love got mad skills fo’ sho’ so they’d inspire for real. Also my friends Awekid, Drif, Caramac, Khansas Stan, Deeflux and John Lee. There’s so many cats on beats. It’s good to be productive.

How would you describe the general sound of your material and its lyrical content to someone with carrots in their ears?

My music is raw music for people to relate to. A lot of what I write about is my life and life in general.

Do you think you’ve mastered a style you’re gonna run with for time now, or will you forever evolve?

I don’t think I’ve mastered a style. I think that as I grow as an artist, I evolve and different things and experiences have an effect on the way I write and the way I feel. I definitely would like to learn to play music. Maybe guitar. Write some ballads maybe!

I heard you did break beat once. What’s your take on the many new varieties of traditional hiphop? Which pigeon hole would you put yourself in if you were a bored journalist?

The breakbeat thing happened through my mate Wayne Palmer (Obi-1). This was about 2001. I recorded 2 tracks titled ‘Flawess heavyweight’ and ‘Old To The New’. The first track, thinking back, was like some Grime before its time, and the second was more up-tempo and Electro sounding. This track, I was also fortunate enough to perform for a BBC show titled ‘Up Late’ which was hosted by Gina Yashere. So big up Obi-1, BBC Choice and Gina Yashere.

I think now with the arrival of Grime, it is easier for the media to class hiphop as urban as well as they get a little confused maybe, who knows? I don’t really know how to pigeon hole myself maybe I’ll just wait to be pigeon holed I’m sure it’ll happen.

Are you working on any projects at the moment and what can you tell us about them? Release date, label, producers etc.

There is definitely another EP in the pipe line but when? I don’t know yet. More collabo’s also, but watch this space. I don’t wanna spoil nutting.

How did you hook up with Pepa and then Ejector Seat Records, and do you envision ever being a major label artist?

I met Juice & Caramac from Pepa Records in college, back in ‘98, and we were all well into our British hiphop and American ish. I was rhyming back then still, and Juice and Caramac were both djing. 2006 and we’re still at it stronger than ever. The Ejectorseat Records thing happened from linking in Reading and joining Fauna, then releasing ‘Extra, Extra’. This is when Ejectorseat Records was born. I don’t know about major artist, but who knows? Time will tell.

Your site is pretty generous with free mp3s. Is exposure what you’re about rather than how many units of wax you push?

I think promotion is very important. Creating a buzz and all that. And if you create a big enough buzz you’ll shift units. Aim high and don’t be complacent. Just confident.

How high are you aiming? What scenario has to happen for you to sit back and reflect that your rapping career has succeeded?

If I could live comfortably off this music, then I’d feel I’d succeeded in a way but until then we’ll see.

What one thing about Uk hiphop in 2005 amazed you, and what one thing did the polar opposite?

The fact that British artists are now selling units in Virgin and HMV is a good platform to spread to a wider audience rather than just in independent stores. Last year, I think too much gun talk got me down.

Do you wanna big anyone up or drop some promotional messages?

Well finally, big up to Tee at Rap News. Thanks for your time my friend. I hope that I’ve answered all your questions so I’ll say peace for now and leave with some shout outs. Peace. Check out my EP ‘The Genuine Article’ on www.ejectorseatrecords.co.uk as well as the Fauna back catalogue. Also, check www.peparecords.com. All my heads keeping this shit alive! One love!

6 Responses to “Mikey-T”

  1. Phlo Says:

    Big up Mikey and the Ejectorseat Records fam… Keep it movin’ on ‘06

  2. UnoEye Says:

    I loved Mixed Emotions and think that his new release is even stronger. Fair play to the man. Keep them coming Mikey!

  3. UnoEye Says:

    Check out the Ejectorseat site too as they got some of his Fauna stuff on it.

  4. the undertaker Says:

    Mikey is ILL. Saw him down at Deal Real a couple of weeks back. This guy is gonna be big. Trust me!

  5. Subliminal Says:

    Big Up Mikey-T and all dem Reading heads. Nuff love. peace.

  6. Ash MC Says:

    Big up my bredder Mikey…Got some ish with him comin’ out on Fan Records, real soon…