Moorish Delta 7

December 18th, 2005

Moorish Delta 7

Cipher of the rarely talked about Birmingham crew, speaks on the releases they’ve dropped and what’s planned for the forthcoming year.

How long have you guys been rapping together as a crew?

Been together ten years next year.

What does the name mean?

Moorish Delta 7. The name originates from the fact that modern western civislatisation owes its origin to the African Moors, originating from the north West Delta delta region of the continent. 7 is the number that represents God and the divine in numerology.

What part of the UK are you from and what do you make of the local scene?

From Birmingham, which has a booming scene that is on the brink of explosion.

How has living away from Uk hiphop’s HQ of London effected your careers in the scene?

Positively. It has allowed us to develop our style. Negatively, we have had to work 3 times harder to get the success and recognition in the industry.

Could you give us a run through of the releases you’ve dropped so far?

1998, ‘Taking Four Wicked Heads’. 8 track EP. 2000, ‘New Empire’ 4 track vinyl EP, 2002 ‘The Power & The Glory’ album, 2004 ‘The Rain’ 12” single.

Are you currently working on any projects and what can you tell us about that?

Moorish Delta 7 DVD ‘The Legend of the Moorish Delta 7’. The new album is called ‘Life in the City’ and is now in its finishing stages. Malik’s solo album called ‘The Collectors Item’.

Who generally handles your production and what equipment goes into your sound?

The production of Moorish Delta 7’s music is handled primarily be myself, Cipher, Urban Monk and Baby J. I like using MPC’s and I flip between the different Akai MPC machines. Cubase, Logic, Triton, Alesis and some of the vintage Keyboards like the Juno and the Roland 808.

Are there any artists or producers which you’d like to work with on future material?

I like Just Blaze, Rza, Dre, Pete Rock, Lil John.

Who do you rate in the UK scene from past and present, and whats the last record you copped?

The groups I loved back in the day were Hijack, Demon Boyz, Handsworth Groove Syndicate, Brickhouse, Kash Rex, Silver Bullet, Mc Mello, Black Prophetz, 57th Dynasty.

The artists I feel now are Mike GLC, Skinny, Blind Alphabets, Royalists, 5th Element and Dizee Rascal.

Tell us a bit about Seven Entertainment and the other artists on the label?

Seven Entertainment has been going 5 years now. We are a record label, recording studio, we do event management, street team and run youth workshops. We have a crew which is all the artist signed to the label called ‘Underworld’, which is Big V, Law, Adante, Moorish, Megga Stress…

How much hard work is running the label?

Running a label is easy. Running a record label properly is difficult. It’s not just the music, it’s the rest that goes with it and as with any business, it takes time for things to settle down and to understand your own business.

What’s the best and worst aspect of the UK hiphop scene in 2005?

The best thing is that UK music is finally getting recognition. The bad thing is that we still have a lot more to do from the ground up to build the infrastructure.

What do you make of the many new takes on traditional hiphop styles?

Well we all sample old funk, reggae roots, jazz….Now the veterans are being sampled. Hiphop sampling hiphop.

Do you wanna make any plugs or shout out’s to end this on?

Peace to everyone who supported us. Look out for the Moorish in 2006. Next year is ours.