V.E.X- Sick Tape Vol.2

December 17th, 2005

‘It’s Ok…I feel Better Now’ is volume two of the Luton rapper V.E.X’s ‘The Sick Tape’ series, which he kindly mail’s out to everyone for free. The tracklisting is long, with tons of variety in beats and lyrical approaches. What’s consistent is the guy’s flow, which is still as fresh and unique as the first time we heard him spit. V.E.X has mad personality which soaks each track on this collection, which jacks a lot of well known beats including ‘Hard Knock’ by Jay Z. There’s guest appearances by Conflix, Prophecy, Verbal Remedy, Enlish, Crum and Danny B, not to forget Ms Dynamite on the closing track who follows in the footsteps of Beyonce’s appearance on volume 1. As entertaining as these mix CD’s are, it’d now be nice to hear the artist on a conventional straight up release such as a 12” or album, and see how he puts his blatent talent to use. At a time where there’s five new UK rappers a month, all of whom sound exactly like the Jehst or Chester P, V.E.X is somewhat the light at the end of an overly familiar tunnel.