Dap-C- N.G.U Radio Part 3

November 30th, 2005

The problem with jacking instrumentals of huge hits by the likes of Dead Prez and Kanye West is that if the original vocals aren’t up to scratch, the material is pretty much pointless, and I’m afraid that’s the case with the first two tracks on this third mixtape in NGU Record’s promo mix CD series. ‘Coke Digger’ uses the ‘Gold Digger’ beat by Kanye West and switches up the song concept in a novelle way which looks better on paper than in practice. ‘Bigger Than Hiphop’ hears MC Beads lay down a very unentertaining vocal that just doesn’t make sense including. ‘Aint Nobody’ by Deadeye and Dap-C has stronger lyrics over a more laid back and atmospheric beat which salvages the early section of the CD whilst ‘Fire’ makes its original, ‘One Last Time’ by Eminem, Dre and 50 Cent, actually sound good.

‘Sun Don’t Shine’ by Deadeye isn’t poor but it’s far from great and is another monotonous inclusion to the CD. ‘Living In A Cell’ by Deadeye implements a track concept which you’d expect to be explored with a lot more passion, of a far less cliche nature. The end result though, makes ‘Locked Up’ by Akon sound moving and soulful. ‘Keep Jumpin’ by MC Beads is produced by Dap-C and features Dom-P. The beat’s quite computerized and economic but is at least a breath of fresh air against the jacked beats. The vocals are easier to listen to than a lot of the other tracks but the hook is slightly weak. The CD ends with ‘We Really Miss You’ by Deadeye, produced by DJ Heavy. The production of this one song is more pleasant to listen to than the rest of the entire CD, with a simple but nice drum pattern, some cool strings woven in and some female vocals on the chorus.

The conclusions from this release are that however impressive it is to keep dropping mix CD’s at a frequent rate, it doesn’t ammount to anything if the content of the CD’s is just weak filler. The last track is testiment to what a litle thought and original production can achieve. Quality control is seriously lacking.

(This release is available for free via www.ngurecords.com)