Jehst- Nuke Proof Suit

November 25th, 2005


Watch the high plains drifter dress up as women, news readers, arabs, fitness instructors, cowboys, the president and more in the entertaining new video for his track ‘Nuke Proof Suit’.

Directed by The Beta Brothers, this new video for the title track of Jehst’s new album ‘Nuke Proof Suit’ see’s Billy Brimstone taking on the corporate world through his own flavour of comic satire. Featuring cameo’s by Asaviour and Sir Smurf Little, the vid’ is jammed with more scenes and locations than probably the whole Channel U playlist of tripe put together.

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34 Responses to “Jehst- Nuke Proof Suit”

  1. paul Says:

    keeps cuting

  2. Joe Says:

    You have a really slow connection then. Just press pause and wait till the bar is shaded in. That’ll mean its stored on your comp and you can view it without any pauses.

  3. Beat_Boy_B Says:

    Is it just me or is this wack? Dont get me wrong, Jehst is heavy, verbally, nothing can touch the higher planes drifter, but this vid? Highly suspect. Over done dead-ringer-esk, basic satire n silly cartoon grins ruins a good tune. Maybe even, dare it say it, not unlike an eminem video? Fuck man.. I can’t beilive this… What was Brimstone boy thinkin?

  4. Chuck Says:

    Don’t be scared of someone enjoying himself, and don’t be scared of having fun yourself. This is blatently just J Star having jokes. Leave him be. It’s more of a discussion point than any other UK hip-hop video on history. And the Eminem comparison is so predictable and boring. Did people cast Eminem aside as merely a Beastie Boys impersonator? Nopes. So lets all sit back, crack a smile and not take like so seriously. Ya hear?

  5. Beat_Boy_B Says:

    I am all for people enjoying themselves, but this video is just silly. From Jehst’s normally witty and insightful lyrical stylings, I expected a more sophisticated level of humour, even if just messing around; it is possible to have jokes n not be so basic. This just comes across as juvenile. I am not saying its all bad but just for example; the clear dabbling in political satire attempted here is terrible. It’s a talking point? That in itself surely does not justify its goofiness. If the aim of his vid was to spark debate then there are much better ways of doing this. For an example of a UK artist having jokes with his video, but keeping it fresh, and blatantly creating a bigger talking point than the Nuke Proof Vid, check Plan B’s video “no goodâ€?.

    Just to clarify, I would never suggest Jehst was an eminem clone as you seem to think, come on now. But I think it is clear that certain parts of this video bare more than a slight resemblance to certain parts of eminem videos. My comparison was not with Jehst and eminem as artists, but with the style of this video, and this video alone.

  6. Tee Says:

    Hi. I run this website. My visitor statistics indicate that this is the most popular video the site has ever had up. Also, there are quite a healthy number of individuals who keep making return visits to view it again. Just observations of the information I’m provided…

    What I find bemusing is the level of scrutiny people have placed this video beneath, whilst many other artists and videos, of far poorer quality and concept, undergo no criticism at all.

    In terms of the standard output of UK hip-hop videos, I personally feel this is an extremelly decent effort of a higher leve than most, both in terms of entertainment value and actual visual quality.

    I dont think Jehst is trying to be the funniest person in the world here. Nor do I think he was setting out to win Oscars or bring down the brands mocked in the footage.

  7. dilly Says:

    Jehst WINS. That is all.

  8. theo Says:

    yeah bollox that was a good vid.

  9. rob Says:

    this is dry

  10. lorenzo Says:

    good one for getting away from the tits & ass, nice idea, and yeah it’s a bit crapply done at points – but NO WHERE NEAR as crap as most of the videos on channel U, so respect where it’s due. would’ve been better if they’d tried a little harder to get away from the blatant rip-off of eminiem’s videos (his are getting pretty repetitive themselves), but at least it’s trying to get you thinking/lauging…

  11. Anonymous Says:

    yeah its ‘trying to get you thinking/laughing’, but its not! dont feel so sorry for uk hip hop, dont patronise it! obviousely theyre on a budget – that doesnt mean you cant make a good video, and this just isnt it! its not funny, and its not that clever, and ive seen better videos made on much lower budgets. good track though!

  12. recreationalelevation Says:

    Like the beat, rhymes are pretty tight, no so sure bout video but dont hate it….

  13. U.K. Dweller Says:

    Beat_Boy_B ….. yeah its just you mate….That video is off the meat wagons man.. in fact best video i’ve sat n watched all 2005..

    see thats the power of UK hip hop.. it can provide humour in rap music but at the same time remain deadly serious like no other rap can..

    alot like us as a nation really i think…. Damn Jehst is F’n class!

  14. Jehst Says:


  15. Screech Says:

    I think this video is cool man. It is clearly him having a laugh with his mates and I really like it. It’s a laugh man. It is silly appearing but has strong undercurrents indeed I think. The brilliantly blunt “Be Afraid” on the sky news parady is just genius. Great video I think, I think it really brings the tune alive. Well done Jehst.

  16. Jnorf Says:

    Cool man. Best UK hip-hop vid in ages. It rocks better than the tripe on channel U. Glad he got away from the unoriginal tits n’ ass and ‘walking around council flats’ ideas most artists use on these shores.

    You UK hip-hop peoples just don’t knows how to have fun once in a while. It proves that you can have a great video on a budget and can make people laugh and put out a message.

    Dope vid Jehst!

  17. Patrick Says:

    Lets face it, wotever images u use to accompany J stars wordplay is gunna seem a little bit of a let down because nothing can live up to his standards. I got the album today and Im pretty much lost for words, William Shields is a genius, and if theres such thing as higher than a genius then hes that too, and better. every track sounds as though its taken him (or should have) 10 years to make, yet he still fires them out, even if its just dropping bars on the next track. only criticism is his lack of web activity and lack of live north west shows where hes got mad support. hes at sankeys in feb i hear, so ill get to that, but hed be welcomed with open arms to liverpool. make a note of that jehst peace

  18. goongumpasvip Says:

    i did’nt like the little asian guy in the red visor… he came round to mine at christmas and drank all my beer… wicked video!!

  19. Simeon Says:


    On a serious note, I like this video. Looks very well put together, and the beat is very cheeky!

    Fuck the haters mate. Keep doin’ what you do best!

  20. the one Says:

    Jehst is surely the don. He has made a dope video, of that there is no doubt.

  21. fluxsta Says:

    The dopest rhymer, stop cussing and stuff… ‘bout time the UK hip-hop scene came alive again! Remember all those old boys… mmmm? Demon Boyz, Hijack, Hijack, MC Duke, Overlord X? Y’all take care now! Lets all have fun…’ya brain must be jingling…..’

  22. Ali Nakeeb Says:

    This is a sick sick video… Can’t get enough of it…

  23. george Says:

    if u ainr realised he is basing his video as an anti-america video, its da illuminati ppl! look em up be prepared 4 wats 2 cum

  24. Big Noid Says:

    this is wack man.

    cookie cutter overhyped whiteboi rap hero. NEXT.

    Its not even funny.

  25. fluxsta Says:

    racism has no place in hip hop my friend…’ya better check yo’self before you rwreck ya’self’ what if he is white ya bigot….

  26. Eric Blair Says:

    Has anyone noticed that the new Coldcut/Roots Manuva “True School” video has basically lifted this whole concept? It is only in the middle section, they obviously had a shed load of more money, but its a bait rip off!

  27. Midi Fiddler Says:

    Billy’s the boy.

    Wicked vid and song, as Joe says this is just Jehst having a bit of fun. Fair play to him I reckon.

    I love all the haters who have these massive opinions but more than likely create fuck all themselves.

    Jehst is the business.

  28. Rozy BSC Says:

    Jehst is da boy man! eva since he dropped his first EP premonitions ive had bare luv 4 J Star. Ya get me? all u manz r takin dis shit too serious hes obviously jus catchin bare jokes wid dis video, I think its dope. Jehst is a heavy lyrisist and I think dis vid makes the tune cum alive! feelin jehst in jus his jeans!! in da vid. big up da high plains drifter!! safe man ROZY BSC UK SOLJA

  29. Komic Says:

    How can you put the man down. I my opinion thats a solid video thats keeps u interested till the end. Shades of eminem in it but, fuck it, it’s ment to be avin a dig at the yanks anyway. Big Up the The Drifter!! Keep ‘em comin! Safe – Komic

  30. kapone Says:

    oh my days big up the j star for the man that know will see this message is laughing at there whac campaign of skare taktiks. kunts! props to jehst keep fukin wit them.

  31. CAL ONE ROX OTB Says:


  32. sukhdev Says:

    jehst flows his raps wkd…beats are sik 2 and i rate many of his albums amongst the best in UK Hip Hop..the return of the drifter in particular…. but this video doesnt do Jehst or his music justice… The production has obviously been influenced by eminem, so much so that i couldnt take it seriously… but fair play i guess he was having jokes, possibly having the piss out of eminem and others like him ?? hope his next video is shrewder… safe.

  33. Skeme VerbalTorchA crew Says:

    Jehst is untouchable as a lyricist and that video was fukin funny man

  34. Jake Tucker Says:

    This video is pure laughs, jehst is a sick artist an ive backed him all the way the video is just taking the piss out of the world we live in today. All those of u who r comparing him to eminem just dont know wot jehst is about he would hate wot people r sayin just listen to falling down, high plains drifter and his new nuke proof suite album n think about wot u said shame on u! he is nothing like emenem.