Baby J & Skinnyman- None Of Them

November 6th, 2005

None Of Them

Check out the great new video by Baby J and Skinnyman, ‘None Of Them’ from the new album ‘FTP’.

‘None Of Them’ is the first track to be released from Baby J’s great new album ‘FTP’. Featuring everybody’s favourite UK rapper Skinnyman, it’s one of the many album highlights, using a great mixture of sax and piano. In true inspirational fashion, Skinnyman raps on how he once faced many closed doors back in the day, hasn’t changed up his style at all, and has now gained success. Click here and check out the video produced by Baby Knotted Films. You’ll need Real installed. Visit the official Baby J website at

6 Responses to “Baby J & Skinnyman- None Of Them”

  1. Duke Ellington Says:

    How come there is only half avideo then? It is a bit small as well.

  2. Rick Hazard Says:

    yeh i was wonderin tabout that, any chance of the full video bein put up? i was gettin right into that tune then it cut out…

    sounds dope tho

  3. flammable liquid Says:

    dude, let me know what you really looking for? it seems that Uk is not importing your stuff yet? sup with that?

  4. Flammable Liquid Records Says:

    well anyway, just thought i let you know, i want to make a drop with you on it? hit me up? West Coast Cali King, USA

  5. twinkzey Says:

    i wanna know if there is a instrumental to that tune to rap over n promote get bk 2 me thankz

  6. Faint Says:

    Dis tune is big. I want that intrumental to rap over as well. Big up Sknnyman for the lyrics.