Lowlife Records- Life Before 40

September 9th, 2005

This compilation album is a celebration of Low Life Records and their strong thirteen years of quality releases in the UK scene. It includes all of the dope artists that they’ve put out over the years and UK hip-hop fan favourites and classics. In chorological order, things begin with the chilled out ‘Life And Breath’ by Supa T, Lewis Parker and Braintax. Artists such as Taskforce, Jehst with ‘City Of Industry’, Rodney P, Ricochet, Mystro and Skinnyman follow suit in providing high quality songs which will bring back lots of memories to listeners and confirm what they already know, that Lowlife have treated us extremely well over the years. The album ends on the exclusive ‘On The Road’ by Braintax and Mystro, which they recorded before leaving the UK for a tour of Australia. The song sounds fresh, with both rappers on top form and Braintax providing another very good beat.

Hardcore followers of Lowlife Records, of which there are a lot, are likely to have quite a few of the tracks included, but the package takes that into consideration, offering a nice bonus disc which has all the tracks mixed up by DJ Kam, as well as eight tight music video’s you can check out with a computer. The pull out pamphlet has a nice time line of the label’s back catalogue as well as a comment on each of the CD’s tracks. For those less familiar with the label and their history, this is as good an introduction to the most consistent and strongest independant hip-hop label the UK has ever seen.

Track listing:

Life and Breath- Supa T, Lewis Parker, Braintax
The Last Tune- Taskforce
City Of Industry- Jehst
Big Tings We Inna- Rodney P
Showbitchness- Verb T, Harry Love
Mad Runningz- Ricochet
You Know Who You Are- Rodney P, Farma G, Mystro, Braintax
Money In The Bank (original)- Asaviour, Jehst
Tellin’ You- Mystro
Straight Dirt- Kashmere The Iguana Man
Who ? Me- Skinnyman
Just Me- Braintax
On The Road- Braintax, Mystro (Exclusive

The 2nd CD includes a mix of this, by Kam and the videos:

Rodney P- Trouble
Rodney P- Trouble
Skinnyman- Council Estate Of Mind
Jehst- Monotony
Jehst- Run Hard
Mystro- Strong Rhymin’
Rodney P- Riddim Killa
Rodney P- The Live Up

This hits the shelves on the 24th of October.