Janomi Records Closes Down

September 9th, 2005

On the ukhh.com forums this past week, Evil ED has spoken out about his relationship with Janomi Records owner George Curwin. ED says that Curwin has sold the label and no future releases by Doc Brown, Yungun or himself will come out on the Brighton based label. ED talks about Curwin being very dishonest and shady, never supporting the artists and pocketing any profits for himself. Ed refers to Curwin as being from a wealthy background with a simple plan in UK hip-hop, to make money. Apparently he cut corners at every opportunity, never pressing promo copies of releases and not even covering artist’s travel expenses. All this makes it a lot clearer why Doc Brown’s ‘The Document’ which held huge potential to be a major commercial success, falled very short of the achievements it could have made.


Evil ED has since withdrawn comments made about Curwin’s family and business moves, offering a full apology on the same ukhh.com forum where he originally made his claims.