The Dont Trigger EP

September 6th, 2005

Out on the 26th of September, The Dont Trigger EP includes three tracks by three unsigned artists. These are: ‘Why’ by Soul Deep UK featuring Ayak, ‘Heads Up (Listen Up)’ by South Soldiers featuring Sugar Brown and Noel McKoy, and ‘I Die Everyday (RIP J)’ by Hayley. This project is essentially aimed at promoting the campaign to fight against gun crime. All the proceeds generated will go towards charities and community initiatives that deal with flighting gun crime. Check out www. for more information on this worthy cause.

3 Responses to “The Dont Trigger EP”

  1. shammi Says:

    i think that the song is great in two ways the song not only is beautiful but also its meesage is strong and there are real life situations that happen and with this maybe those who pull the trigger will think twice when they see those heart broken mums that dreams and lives are destroyed.

    the dont trigger campaign should be supported by everyone 100 per cent.

  2. Lady shaz Says:

    Keep ur heads up da streats aint safe no more. Every day murder muder die die die. Guns aint no joke ting. watch ur backs. Sum peeps like shootin out dere car windows.

    Plz tell ur bredrins bout dis web it aint no joke so help da dont-trigger ep!

  3. kayleigh Says:

    i thinbk dis song is bril!!the words are powerful and make ya fink 2ce bout gun crime.i think people should buy this an help raise awarness 2 those who pull triggers 2 luk good, full support an back up all the way.x